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one practical tip on how we can teach kids to master technology rather than be mastered by it

Critical thinking teaches our kids to understand the message that media tries to convey rather than mindlessly absorbing every material thrown in their face.

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how to know if he’s the one for you – baby steps towards finding a lifelong love

See, it's your love relationship with Him that sets the tone of your love and attraction to him, and your commitment to Him that controls your priorities and decisions about him.

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why the winds of adversity can’t take us down

I must have listened to this Word 5 or 6 times, and still, not have enough. I take it in by the mouthfuls - how this Word out of his words, reminds me that we've got a shield, a Mighty Fortress. And how the wind of adversity: the challenges of life, the discouragement of people, the… Continue reading why the winds of adversity can’t take us down