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why the winds of adversity can’t take us down

I must have listened to this Word 5 or 6 times, and still, not have enough.

I take it in by the mouthfuls – how this Word out of his words, reminds me that we’ve got a shield, a Mighty Fortress. And how the wind of adversity: the challenges of life, the discouragement of people, the downturns of the economy, the disarray of many nations, or the betrayal of our closest kin –, NO, He will not let us down.

Adversity can make us stronger, only when we allow the shield of God to raise us higher. He is the breeze that blows and soothes and make meaning out of our mess.  

And this Lord that we serve?, He is not into the mechanics of religions, but the heartbeat of a walking, breathing relationship. 

He is not merely interested  in our performances, much more than the depth of our passion, the focus of our priorities. 

And He loves us, Friend –ever so deeply, always so passionately. He’s made it so that our deepest attainment in life may only be found in a deep heart to heart closeness with Him.

So let’s say it with the Word and to the world, that we’ve got a Mighty Shield. That we can’t be shaken. That we’ve got victory’s cry ringing loud and clear on the battlefields. 

We too can lie down and sleep – because Someone who loves us is sustaining us — daily, and moment by moment.

Whatever you may be facing today, let the Word build you up. Let His love fill you up. Because this Love is alive – and when we come to Him, His might will be our might. His joy, our strength.

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