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Check out our “Diary of a Humble Dad” e-book – {One silly & hilarious read that will keep every kid & their parents seriously roarin’!}

…So the time comes when good hearty ol’ laughs are needed, and you & I can both chill and chuckle over the silliness of this book. We can all think up and brim over with a 1000 *better* ways to outsmart this author & spice up family life and inject joy over our gloriously messy days…

Friends, you’ve gotta check out this “Diary of a Humble Dad” first draft e-series. Pardon us for the lack of slick & we hope it will leave you (and your kids) wanting for more!

It was seriously almost two years ago when our daughter first read up the entire series of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

Night after night she’d devour the entire collection as part of her accelerated reading program at school.

And as hilarious as the series might be, there’s only so much wisdom and ‘real’ knowledge you can gain before you’d be plain silly yourself.

So it was one particular night when the Husband thought he’s had enough, and decided that his daughter was not going to merely  consume media, but be an active and critical analyser of all digital content presented.

So he hovered over ways he can outsmart Jeff Kinney and vowed how he’d win her every single affection back to him .

He promised to shape her mind ‘strong’, and worked long and hard to make his drawings right.

He feverishly burned the midnight oil to get her back on the path of thinking sanely, and birthed the first draft of his book,”Diary of a Humble Dad Book – Draft 1“.

It’s a seriously honest & silly heart outpour from his dad to his kids…

Perhaps you and your beautiful tribe can do with a bit of laughter too? Maybe sit them on your lap and let them flick through the pages and tickle them for any stream of smiles that might be coming your way?

Thank you for sharing our little laughs with us,  and if you’d look past our lack of slick and leave a hearty comment or two, I promise we’d somehow make you into the book next! (*Smile*)

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