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How to Make Space for the Holy in the Midst of the Busy

The way every morning rolls, I see how they too roll out of bed, and ready for the day.

There’s plenty of cooking before eight every morning.

The Husband rolls himself out of slumber and reads the Word to the kids at the breakfast counter.






This home has seen it all – our imperfect dash to the door, our mad return on many late days.

Run you may on this treadmill of life and race all you want — but to truly get to places, don’t drive yourselves bone-weary and then complain of depletes.

Run instead into the arms of One who turns moments into momentum, because this is the truth: it’s holy motions that make the mark.  

Someone’s gotta tell me: who’d have time to make life the way it’s meant to be, when we’re spent running life the way it needs to be?

But there’s hope for every family in the fast lane. 

C.H Spurgeon wrote and I’m hushed:

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 12.07.14 am

Aren’t there better ways to pepper heart and hearth with love, laughs, and lullabies?

I want that.

This is the key to make crazy days a calm, and monotonous moments our kairos:  find peace. 

Peace that’s found in a Person, not in a place, nor a position.

Peace that allows us to fall apart every single day, and mysteriously keeps us intact, because that Christ-Peace holds our broken world quite right together.







When the night comes rolling in, you’d find us crawling slow back to the Word.

Read at times to cranky children by overtired parents, and other times read past the time of sleep to starry-eyed kids asking for what’s more in the Word of life.

We haven’t got all things right but we’ve learnt this truth bright:  keep seeking the Holy in the midst of your busy because that’s the way you prioritise passion in the hard of parenting.

Don’t worry about trying to figure life out.

I know, the internet’s replete with the noise figuring what’s supposed to be your career versus your calling, but honestly, calling doesn’t come to those who strive, but to those who’d trust.

The way to not miss life’s appointments is by taking hold of God in the now. 

Go figure this instead: The way to enjoy the now is to put away every lofty thought of where you should and would rather be.

Fill the sphere of your day with praise that brims, lay aside every vexatious ambition and embrace your today.

Simply make your day all about God.

Simply experience every single day as a tapestry of God’s grace gently guiding you.

And you can turn every possible mess into a meet with the Master, and  the chaos into what’s sacred, all the menial into what’s really memorable.






This is archaic, this is new. This is hard, this is holy.

Cos’ no one’s gonna tell you how flipping pancakes and folding P.Js everyday would one day count towards a life significant.

Or how the long daily commute, or the discipline of doing what’s right would one day just equate to what becomes fulfilling.

Because it’s not only all about what you do, but who you’re doing what you’re doing that makes the difference. 

Find the Caller of your life and you’ll find the contentment that comes with your life.

Make Him central, and every other thing peripheral.

Cultivate your centre and you can love from your core, laugh from your belly.







The weekends see us encircling the living room – hushing noisy children, keeping still fidgety fingers, huddling over open Bibles and scribbled journals.

Because everyday the race’s on against this tick of time.

So all the more we need to embrace the holy in our busy and remove our fixation about having things perfect, having kids all trained.

Simply practise the presence of being present and being aware of One’s presence, and you’ll experience Jacob’s ladder connecting heaven over your home.

The way families thrive is to connect God to the everyday and the everyday to God.

God’s intention is simply that:

‘we should push on into His presence and live our whole life there’. (AW Tozer)

Yeah — we can experience Christ today. And enjoy Him every moment of every day. 

Joy can be found smack-dabbed in brown-burnt pancakes and missing socks, breaking fights and busting fevers, teething toddlers and grossly sleep deprived parents.

Because this is the way we keep our flame burning:

Bring your everyday to God – the big and the mundane, the exciting and the frustrating, the first and the leftovers, the highs and the lows, the certain and the confusing to Christ.

And you’ll see how he’ll light you alive.

You’ll see Christ as the flame in the Presence, the pulse of all your praise, the Person behind all your reasons.

Because at the centre of it all: Christ is knocking on the door of our every racing heart. And at the core of our pulsing heartbeat: Christ waiting and wanting us closer to Him.

So go – make your mark in life: roll your day into Christ and see Him frees something new within you.

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