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How You’ve been made Complete & Whole — & You can Live Your Life Just Like That

Hey You,

You who’ve walked with a bit of a limp and hobbled your way all through the night…

We see you. 

And we want you. 

You’re gonna be alright. 






Remember the night of the death?

You were 7, and your dad’s suddenly passed on, instantly passed out of this passage of life.

You were crushed, and had your hopes and dreams shattered.

You wondered long into the night, wondering where your bedrock of security and your mountain of identity could now be found.

You never knew how death could bore holes right through the light of life.

May I just hold you, Friend?

I know that there are broken pieces of our life that friends and families can never put together.

We’ve all got that – and that’s fine — and you are fine. 

Let me whisper it to you: there’s a Father who loves you through the dark of the night and the abyss of your loss, and He can launch you into a life new and broad — so just hang around for that great ride.

When you march through your solitary battles, fight your secret tears and live through your quiet deaths, remember to keep limping if you must, but limp on towards the Light.

He who promises the cure for every despair, every divorce, every disease has put His Son on death display. He will lift you up out of depression as he has now reclaimed you, owned you and renamed you.

So that defeat and death may forever be at His footstool, and yours too.

So don’t let neglect, abuse or someone’s absence, or distance clip your wings from flying.

You can fly into the arms of your heavenly Father who’s a safe base to crash and know that you’ll forever be kept intact.

You can walk into your destined future, though you’ve gotta pick yourself up ten thousand times. 






I know a girl who at 17 looked for love in friendships, and at 27 got herself fragmented in relationships.

I know, you too might have been disappointed in men (and women).

They might have dropped you, disqualified you, drowned you, died on you and damaged a bit of the glory within you.

But whatever the locusts have eaten out of your life, God’s come back in multiple folds through Christ in His death and resurrection, so He can be your one Father who loves and strengthens you in your losses.

So you don’t have to go around looking for love in all the wrong places.

He is the light that comes breaking through your night, and yours is just the faith to embrace, the courage to trust and receive.

You’ve got Him and He’s got you.

Just like that same girl who’s now almost 37, and I don’t know why there are wonders in 7s, but He brings completion, and fills that girl’s life with wholeness.

He brought friends to heal and love her, and spiritual fathers to carry and fly her – so she can go right on living, and break open in encouragement so that others too may go on smiling

Because this is the apex of our relationship with God — to know Him as our Abba, Father, and to experience Him not in the realm of our mind but in the fabrics of our being. We can know Him who is from the beginning, and find our walk strengthening, our heart maturing.

Our victory begins with this: knowing Him as your Father and seeing yourself as sons and and not slaves.

So let me just say it again: your search for a good father is just about over. This is your watershed moment: finding Him as your Father, this is what forever changes the trajectory of your life.

You are now found. You are forever held.

He’s renamed you. And Love now owns you.

So smile, breathe, and go shine — there’s relief for you.

The God who calls you sons and not slaves, now invites you to feel His nearness and sense His presence, especially through nights that seem to grow darker with every damning voices that grow louder.

His Word has the power to put your past under your feet.

He can heal your broken yesterdays, so you can break open for others in your tomorrows. 

Promise me, you’ll remember this for those long nights okay?

Embed then in your heart: You are whole, you’re complete, you’re loved, and there’s a whole load of truth backing that up.

This is your watershed moment: Christ came, faith works, you’re His, and He is yours. 



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