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How You Can Be Soft Against The Harsh & Release Courage In Your Pain Through Your Praise

Life’s this walk through the storms, and rains, and hails and winds.

And it’s the harsh that can sometimes scramble you thin, makes you wanna howl.

Howl you may — long into the night, straight into your sleep.

I have done that, been that, am that.

With every pain and solitary battle we carry, I should have learned this lesson early. Stop the howls, and start the praise, especially for those stages and seasons of life whose winding paths may confuse you, and people that may pain you.

I break the eggs, and slowly let the yokes run into the whites.

The kids watched me fold them in. They howled wildly in protests.

“Mama, we don’t like eggs…”

Yeah, this isn’t exactly your buttery popcorn kinda smell wafting through the kitchen, but the eggs are good for them, so I ignored them.

I should have the whole family memorising this by now: “whenever we complain in the places of life that look thin and runny, we break the flow of praise that usher us into the field of fullness, into lands that yield.”

I scooped each egg onto each kid’s plate.

I too have done my own fair share of complaining, woke right up feeling more frayed with life, more disarrayed with self. These kids didn’t know it, but their good Dad does.

I like things firm, and certain, but how do you keep your spirit up in places that look like you’ve been pressed right out in the harsh, and that your heart can’t help but be hard?

We need to trust the Hand that can make all our scrambled edges full.

Complaints always cloud the presence of blessings, and it’s finding your voice in the elements of harsh that will release you into showers full of thanks.

Because praise really is the key to your courage.

Praising God today fortifies us with courage for our tomorrows.

Praise in Hebrews is yadah’ : to thank Him proactively with hands extended, voices amplified, us swaying happy in celebration of His goodness. We’re called to rave about His love and thank Him for His kindness for all things present today, and every thing unseen tomorrow.

Because praise is our very weaponry to fight against the wiles of the enemy. 

When you feel hopeless, praise!

When you’re feeling powerless, praise!

Praise paves the way forward through every harsh of life.

And so I too made my confession over those scrambled eggs that morning.

I wanna stop howling, and start praising. 

I want courage for my everyday because God works through the hard and the harsh to keep my hearts soft, yet strong.

He uses the minute and moments and months spent waiting on Him to build what’s truly significant in us, what’s everlastingly successful towards others.

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Picture by A.Suryadi







Picture by C.Ong

Praise isn’t for God, but for us.

It’s what strengthens us to fight well, and win well.

"So do not lose the courage you had in the past, 
which has a great reward. 

You must hold on, so you can do what God wants 
and receive what he has promised." 

Hebrews 10:35-36

We can all start small today.

For every challenge, and every hard pieces of life, let’s make this pack:

Let’s stop the leak and strain the tears.

We’ll watch the eggs fold, and enjoy all those scrambles.

We’re gonna praise God and trust Him to keep us soft, yet strong.

He will be our success and our sustenance, and He will make this life truly significant. 

Sometimes we may just need a holy jolt — so thank you CHG for this powerful message, this truly wonderful encouragement.  To watch the message that jolts the heart and awakens the soul: click the video above.


4 thoughts on “How You Can Be Soft Against The Harsh & Release Courage In Your Pain Through Your Praise

  1. “Praise isn’t for God, but for us.” This statement turns a light bulb in my brain since this concept is a novelty to me (I always thought it’s the other way around). Thanks Ing for continually be a blessing to me through your gift of writing.


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