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How One Man Makes His Million {…but How One’s Million Doesn’t Make A Man}

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Post by the Wife

It’s not often that you get to peek into the heart and story of a man who embodies both passion for the Lord and for his life.

Listening to this podcast and watching its remake is like seeing your own life unfold in so many different ways around a roadmap called success.

I first walked into the home of their residence some twenty odd years ago and never for once thought that my life would one day take a different turn because of their love.

I then bumped into them by pure chance at a conference some five years ago, and reconnected them to my clan, and started a lifelong friendship with their warm, welcoming church.

As a husband, father, pastor, leader, internationally sought-after speaker and lifetime businessman and investor, Pastor Simon Chua talks in your everyday language of the journey that took him to true success.

Together with his most wonderful wife and friend to me, Ping, they minister to us in the school of life, love, learning and faith.

What an awesome blessing to welcome them to our humble blogosphere at today’s post.

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Photo by A.Suryadi

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Photo by A.Suryadi

Post by the Husband

When I grew up, I always thought that being rich and being godly was generally mutually exclusive.

My friends and family who had the BMW’s and big houses seemed to have rather unhappy and unspiritual personal and family lives.

On the other hand, the people that I felt were fervently after God’s heart were generally “living by faith” (i.e. relying on others financially) and not particularly wealthy.

Rich dads were the ones who were never home and had children that seemed rather spoilt.

As I’ve matured, I’ve realised that being rich and being godly can occur at the same time. Sure, God doesn’t call every Christian to be wealthy, and I certainly don’t subscribe to the “prosperity gospel”, but if God wants you to steward His money well, then you must be ready.

Whether we have a little or a lot, we need to remember that it all belongs to Him.

In this podcast, Pastor Simon talks about how God has blessed him in business whilst maintaining a close walk with Lord and intensely loving his wife and 5 children!

What I am most impressed by, however, is how he gives all the glory to God, and captures an understanding of what wealth is for — the kingdom of God.

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Photo by A.Suryadi


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Photo by A.Suryadi


Photo by A.Suryadi


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[Thank you Alyka for the amazing partnership and your most awesome contribution in today’s post.] 



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