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Why Fear Must Fall Flat & How You Can Keep Standing Strong

May I? 

Just one quick moment with you?

May I just hold your hand a little as we talk about what really matters?

What about over a cup of coffee?

I just want to reassure you, “Really, you needn’t be afraid”.





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I know, we can both roll our eyes and count the reasons for a valid fear today.

Fear can so cripple us, but may I just take you with me to see what God say about your tomorrow, and how it might affect your today?

Look, I don’t know what fear may exactly be gripping you now, but I know there’s a promise that you and I can overcome our fears.

I know that your fear is very real, and it’s a big deal. But I’ve been learning slowly, that there’s One bigger than our fears.

Fear breeds when we condition it, and its aim is to dominate us, so that it can one day totally demolish us – you know, it wants to take away our well-being, our confidence, our sense of peace and health, so at all cost, we must learn to overcome fear, no matter how hard or long the road it takes.

We who’ve lived long enough will know that we’ll get to experience some sort of pain and sorrow, grief and suffering, at one stage or another. But to those who’ve been made into sons and priests of the living God, we’re called not to tear our garmentslike the rest of the worlds do when they are in despair, but to walk straight up into His presence and present our heartbreaks, and receive His anointing and authority to rule and reign in life.

Remember, Friend, when the world gets darker, His glory shines all the brighter.  History is replete with accounts of how revivals often break out in human’s darkest era, the bravest acts often occurring in the lowliest times, so take heart, pray, confess and see your mountains moved.

Inhale this peace of God that’s so foreign to the world – let it fill your heart, let it give you confidence, and the rest that your soul so long for, let your mouth move with more praise, because God’s assured end victory is always our game changer!

You know the thing about fear? It can taunt us, intimidate us, but it never need to own us. Fear’s ultimate power over us has been broken on the Cross of Calvary.

And so the way to keep your stand when things around you are falling like a chain of dominoes is to keep your heart seeing Him, and your mouth praising Him. 

You see, our victory is not something we need to earn. Our victory’s given. Our responsibility is to walk out in its assurance – and this is called faith.

The way to oppose fear is to build your inner faith.

And yes, it’ll take time, and that’s okay. Nobody gets strong overnight, we can start exactly where we are, and walk right on with Him. Being strong isn’t an overnight fix, but how beautiful is the freedom found in the soul living in confidence.

I’m praying Friend, even as I pen these words here, that the freedom of Christ may just reach over to you, and me! That the goodness and greatness of our God will wash over every climate of fear that’s grown into us. And that courage will be released in us today.

Because when we see God in His greatness, our problems will begin to take their proper place, and we’ll experience His security falling like a warm blanket over us. His arms are truly arms of everlasting love.

You know those dark nights of the soul? When you feel the storms of life raging on, and you feel engulfed in the waves and the winds? He’ll hold you right in your storm so we can keep magnifying Him bigger than even our largest catastrophe, and we’ll see Him faithful to the end.

[So encouraged by this Word! May it encourage your hearts too, Friend, and let’s journey on strong together – thanks to the ministry of Jentezen Franklin] 

Photo 2,4,8: thanks to A. Suryadi 

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