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Are you Pursuing Prophecy? – Part 1

1 Corinthians 14:1
PURSUE LOVE, AND earnestly desire the spiritual gifts,
 especially that you may prophesy.
The one who prophesies is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be built up.” 

A Message by the Husband

It’s time to prophesy!

It really is.

Not in some weird way, but in the Biblical way.

The verses above says that we are to pursue love. Then it follows that we are to earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophesy…that we may edify the Body

Now let me break it down a bit.

Firstly,  ‘to pursue’ means ‘to run swiftly in order to catch a person or a thing’, and a runner is figuratively ‘of one who in a race runs swiftly to reach the goal’

It seems to me that to pursue love is by no means a casual effort, but one where you need to press on, and labour in.

But when it comes to the things of God, most of the time, we are sadly, not pursuing anything.

We are not running in a way to catch anything.

The Word on the other hand, exhorts us to pursue love intentionally. That we are called to develop the quality of love intentionally. It seems to me that love isn’t going to merely drop down our laps!

There’s something about love that we’ve gotta catch.

It’s not actually all that normal to love God and people.

Love only becomes normal when the Spirit of God, who is Love, lives in us and makes it a natural extension of who we become.

So we might be able to speak in the tongues of men OR of angels, but it’s pointless to do any of these things without love. That being said, how would love work itself out in the context of a local church?

Let me share a few thoughts with you.

In the verses above, there is one adjoining word that’s so powerful to me. It’s the word “AND”. 

Yep, just “and“, but I believe this is a key word. Let me explain why.

Pursuing love, without ‘AND’ is like hearing and not doing. 

I know there are often false dichotomies. Is it ‘and’ or ‘or’?. We separate and divide things into mutually exclusive and oppositional groups.

However, dichotomies are often artificial.

So I often get asked,  “Did my depression come because of my inherited genes or because I am grieving?”

And we often wonder along too, “Should I follow Jesus OR should I start a business?

Should I be preacher OR should I be an intercessor? Should I be loving or should I be truthful? Should I be spiritual or should I be successful in the world?”

We think that being spiritual, is mutually exclusive from being successful, or if you are prayerful, you can’t be efficient in your daily tasks.

But this word and” to me has just torn down any divisional wall of what we’re called to be. We’re called to be both in many aspects of life.

We’re called to put Jesus first, and fulfil the calling He has for our lives. We are called to wait on God, and out of that fullness, to serve God and His people.

Reflecting back, God’s actually brought some ANDs into my life. I love my family – AND I love basketball. True, God’s had to strip away a lot of my selfish desires first in the initial pursuit of love. For example, music was a love of my life from when I was very young, maybe as young as 4. I’m not particularly talented in music – you can ask my piano teachers.

But I LOVED music. At least certain types of music. I get type of euphoria from listening to Jazz.

Sadly as a teenager, I wanted to use music to be famous.

However, through the years my love for music began to wane, and my desire to be known has morphed into wanting to fade into obscurity. Once I started working and had a family, I actually wanted nothing to do with fame, then God called me back to producing music.

“I am nothing, really nothing without love”.

I’ve slowly pursued love, and this love is not envious, it does not boast, and that’s when all the ANDs started coming…

(…come with us to Part II of this message)

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