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Are you Pursuing Prophecy? – Part II

A Message by the Husband

God began to give me some prophetic songs, and recently He opened up doors to be able to record these songs.

My bottom line is this — you’ve got to have love, and then you will really want to express this love tangibly.

And when you pursue love with all that you are, you’d want to naturally do something with all that love.

It’s a bit of the opposite when I meet people who are empty inside. They are empty on the inside, so they feel like they don’t have the love of God, but because they don’t have the love of God, they are perpetually empty on the inside.

This is not actually a casual thing. We can’t build up the Church with casual desire. Or a little bit of desire. Or a glimmer of hope. The Bible did not say “hope for the spiritual gifts”. To express love in the church, that love’s got be God’s kind of love, which involves more than just doing nice things for each other.

The basis of all spiritual gift must be LOVE to start off with.

To prophesy, is simplistically to speak forth words that can only be known by divine revelation. It is the ability to speak forth the Word of God as it applies to an individual at one particular point of time.

What better way than that to edify and encourage the Body of Christ!

Now it can be very awkward to speak to people. Why should we? Can’t we just pray? Can’t we just show love to people? Do we really have to prophesy to each other?

Speaking to people with words of prophecy is powerful because it gives confirmation of what God is saying to people in their hearts.

It is risky, but it builds up the church AND it is a witness to the unbeliever that God is amongst us.

It also means that the next time you’re sitting in a meeting, or praying at home, instead of thinking constantly of self, you are open to what God’s heart is for OTHERS.

When you get the gift of prophecy, you really begin to have the heart of God….

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