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How to Overcome a Life Unfulfilled – [Part 1]

There once was a damsel who thought she could drain the brook by the bucket.

Not an impossible feat!”, she’d thought.

Well, she was youthful and strong. She’d also stood against an array of suitors keen to marry her out of a life of self.

As long as I have my bucket, I can do anything.”

So she held out for the unlikely, stood up against all those ridicule, and set out to prove herself unmistakable.

The people laughed. Her friends thought she was pretty much out of her mind.

But day and night she’d stood by the river.

Faced the gusty winds and the biting breeze, and proclaimed, “I’ll drain you up!”.

And no, she didn’t do this once or twice, but for a full month and that without fail.

She carried her bucket with her, and spoke strength as she scooped every bucket of water out.

For you see, she must muster the strength within before she completes the overhaul by hand.








 (Photo: A.S)
(Photo: A.S)

Then one day, the unthinkable happened.

Rain started falling, and the showers came pouring in, day after day, night after night.

There was no way the damsel could make it there and back without getting drenched, without facing the storm, without braving past her fears of the thunders.

So she said to herself, “Let me wait till all subside.”

But the rain didn’t stop, and the land didn’t dry, and something began to happen within her.

Little by little the desire she had to conquer the river waned.

She forgot the measure she’d set out for herself..

She didn’t see herself conquering the challenge anymore. All she could hear was the sound of some jeering voices, accusing faces, pointing fingers…

She’d gotten crushed under the weight of her own seeming failure.

It was another ten years before she found herself back at the river she’d once stood.

Saw the now calm trickling of its water.

She shrugged and said, “I would have drained you, brook, if not for the rain.”

So she decided to go into the mudroom and looked for her once precious bucket.

The bucket that once signified her desire to conquer her world…

(thank you for coming along. Part 2’s comin’)





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