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25 Random Pieces Of Advice For Leaders In Their 20s, 30s Or 40s

How I love this post by  

…just a few excerpts of his wonderful word here.  May it stick on the wall of our hearts always:

You are the common denominator in everything that’s happened in your life.

Faithfulness is rare. Not just in marriage, but also in life.

Culture teaches us to dispose of anything or anyone we don’t like. Do the opposite.

Learn how to be consistent, loyal, and steadfast, holding to what you know is right even when you feel like doing the opposite.

Live Like God Loves You And Everything You Read In The Bible Is True

Most people wish someone loved them unconditionally. Someone does. So live like it.

Choose A Few Awesome Friends And Stick With Them

Friendships can be confusing in your 20s, 30s and 40s. Friendship circles change when you leave school, get married and even change jobs.

In the midst of all that change, find a few friends and stick with them for life.

Relentlessly Pursue Self-Awareness

Make Peace With Your Weaknesses. You’ll never be great at everything.

Pour Increasing Amounts Of Energy Into Your Strengths

 Get Comfortable With Solitude

Solitude is a thoughtful leader’s best friend. It also is a key to self-awareness.

Fight Cynicism

Cynics never change the world; they just tell you why the world doesn’t change.

Don’t be one. Check the cynicism that’s growing inside you.

 Your heart will get mangled and you’ll be tempted to stop trusting people altogether.

Don’t. Trust again. Hope again. Believe again. You’ll be so glad you did.

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