On Leadership, Pain & Building Community — How To Trust People After You’ve Been Burned

Of all the leadership podcasts the Husband and I have listened to, Carey Nieuwhof’s interview with Rusty George is a sure game changer!

When you feel like your heart’s been mangled by the people you love, then perspectives of these two honest men will surely empower you to lead and love better.

I’ve listened to this podcast more than twice, and every time, without fail, a new sense of hope and healing and peace would burgeon.

And it’s true that God’s teaching us to love tough, to know how to trust people with your hand but entrust God with your heart.

To learn how to be spiritual entrepreneurs who would survive out of the ruins of pain to rebuild a future of wholeness, work through fractures of broken trust to build godly foundations of community, to crawl out of relationships’ rubbles and create God’s temples of revivals, and to be flexible with constant changes so we can live for inner transformation.

He’s given His survivors strength to walk out of splits so they can become completely whole.

Excerpts straight from Carey’s blog if you want to know what the interview is about:

3 Insights From This Episode

1. Leaders don’t need to hide from community

Most leaders wrestle with finding their place in community. Longevity in leadership can create feelings of disconnect overtime and make it hard to find authentic friendships. Often, it seems easier to just be alone and hide.

Solitude has it’s place, but it can’t meet all of your needs. Community is a must. Community offers a way for leaders to know they aren’t alone.

2.  Perfectionists believe too many lies in their heads

Perfectionists are constantly hearing lies inside their heads telling them that they’re not good enough. Rusty suggests practicing these three steps to tune out those lies and see the truth:

1. Fast from Social Media – Take the weekend or a couple of days every now and then off of social media. Let your mind recenter and focus on reality.

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal – Listing all the good things God is doing in YOUR life is a tangible way to realize your blessings instead of only noticing what He’s doing for others.

3. Celebrate the Wins of Other Leaders – Remove jealousy and competitiveness by acknowledging the successes of leaders locally and globally around you.

3. Trust others in relationships, but only entrust your self-worth to God

Jesus trusted people in his engagements, but he placed his self-worth in God alone. Leaders can’t entrust their validity to the opinions of others. Only God can affirm one’s worth.

If you expect someone to love you unconditionally, it’s quite a weight for that person to carry. The truth is that humans are not fully capable of that kind of love. Entrust all value and worth to God. He’s the only one who can handle that kind of weight.

Hope you are blessed. Your podcast link found here 


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