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How to Be Filled When You’re Leaking Pretty Bad – (#RediggingtheWells2018)

What I thirst for —that which I desire, that which I’ll be driven towards to?


How are you feelin’ today?

Are you fillin’ up? 


That lady preacher summed it right that night.

Said that the way you’re feeling ultimately depends on the way you’re filling. 

Said that what really fills you, that’s what will lift you.

Or leave you, and leak out of you.

I’ve had to swallow hard.

I’m aware of this inner ache, of this empty void that Netflix and the Net can’t quite fix.

These are inward wants and there are unquenchable drives that are kinda voracious…

They always want the*more*.


Yet I’m not sure what I really want more of.

Or what humanity would do to satisfy those insatiable desires for that matter.

Yeah, we’ve come up with some tacky acronyms for those temporal fixes – the 3Gs.

Glory. Gold. Girls. (Or Men) 

And if they’re still not quite capable of fixing those needs and filling us up, then perhaps that lady preacher’s got a point…

Perhaps she’s right.

Perhaps it’s true that we can only be filled by God’s Spirit alone…

Perhaps it’s true that if we begin our thirst aright for Him, we will end our search satisfied in Him.

So I took her dare…


Took this dare of losing self to find self. 

Took this dare of seeking Him so I can be filled, and continuously infilled.

Took this dare of letting heaven pour, while I stop all my earthly measuring.

So what if we all gather around to take this dare?

If we make it our sole obsession to be completely focussed on knowing God, loving Him, finding Him, pleasing Him?

What if by fixing our gaze on Him we actually see the birth of a passion overriding and consuming all our inner aches making us wholly full?

What if it doesn’t matter what stage, season, or state of life we find ourselves in, (or our bank account for that matter), if we could live life full everyday, and work life out overflowing every moment?

I want that, Ma’am.

I want this daily experience of Christ coming not to merely modify my behaviour, not to merely conform to my agenda, but to own my deepest darkest part, to change my damndest, deathly partand light me up, set me apart…

I’d like to never have to thirst again, please.

And I know what I’d do — I’d take all the measuring jugs, and stop my mere containing, my intellectual rationalising, my calculated limiting…


Maybe we all can.

Together take this dare of being that faceless, nameless generation that weep private tears to produce public harvests.

Together to stop shortchanging ourselves with mere trails of human’s successes when Heaven savours traces of our holy desires…

Maybe this is our time to come with all our emptiness so we can be filled with all of Heaven’s fullness, and in that way, stop every leaking with the kind of fullness that never dissatisfies… 

Hope Ps Sabrina’s word may lift you up too, Friend? Thanks for following along —

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