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LINKS on How to Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt Before & What It Takes To Trust Again

When I listen ted talks such as Dolph Lundgren’s on the healing and forgiveness story of his childhood abuse, I’m moved by the pain he’d have suffered as a child, and challenged to stop that pain from bleeding and perpetuating into a person adult life.

There’s a part of you that dies when you’re faced with a pain that you can’t fight or flee from.

And that pain is deep and real. There is often a significant loss that comes with losing someone or something you’ve entrusted your heart to.

Being able to deal well with losses is one of the most important skills to have, as losses are life’s constant companion, and if managed well can offer an opportunity for regrowth and revival.

With each loss, God calls us to go deeper, and rely stronger on Him and love in ways like never before.

Life’s this blend of loss and gain, and it’s the breaking up of soil and the dying of seed that a rose can blossom from a single bud.

The question is always and will always be, “What are you going to do with your pain?”

Are you going to be bitter or better?

May your hope be revived as you hear this interview and the sermon that follows —




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