How To Nail “Zero Gravity Thinking” – Getting Unstuck Out of Your Stuck

Sermon Link by Paul Scanlon

There are days when you feel like you’ve just taken three steps forward, only to find that you are now two behind…

Days that feel like it’s hard to get past your past, and unstuck your stuck, because Bethesda’s ingrained in you — that there are systems and cultures and people that have formed your inwards, and governed your internals and dictated your believing and behaving.

Bethesda … that’s the place where the invalid, the weak and the disabled hoped for a miracle.

It was a place rumoured for healing, but with occurrences rare and few.

Paul Scanlon said that:

“Bethesda can be any place, person or situation that promises breakthrough whilst locking you into a system, structure and culture that denies your breakthrough. (That) is a place of highly organised failure and systemic disappointment. ” 

He said that many of us are stuck due to a highly organised system of fear, guilt, shame, anger, regret, failure. That Bethesda? could actually be the problem.

That just like the invalid man, we too can remain weakened in our paralysis when our problem stems deeper than what’s merely symptomatic.

That Bethesda was an organised system that kept the invalid weak, and disempower the already disempowered.

That sometimes he said,  freedom is found in leaving and healing, always in our arising.

That we can break free from whatever stifles and suffocates us when we practice “zero gravitational thinking”,  and like Jesus, break free from whatever we think is a downward pull back to our wrong thinking, our faulty living.

Listening to Paul talked is like allowing yourself to be stripped back to the core of grace, and reduced to who you can simply be in Christ.

Because who you are and what you’ve done aren’t identical to who you can one day be.

And everyday is our new day — a day to be unstuck, a day to leave our Bethesda behind.

Wherever you, whoever you are — we can deconstruct so He can reconstruct.

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