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What Stresses & Struggles Shape


“A man once found a cocoon of an Emperor moth —

He kept it and watched over it closely to see its emergence into the glorious creature it was meant to be.

The day he long awaited for finally came and the moth began its struggle.

It wriggled mightily to break free from the small opening of one end of its cocoon. The struggle went on for hours, and the moth did not seem like it was going to make it,  for it could never force its body beyond a certain point out of the walls of restraining threads that had wrapped themselves tightly around it. 

The man out of his desire to help, took a pair of scissors and clipped away all those restraining threads, all that which aggravated its struggle and denied its freedom.

Slowly he snipped them away and the moth effortlessly crawled out…

Its body now large, but swollen, its wings now small and shriveled. 

Instead of becoming a creature of spectacular beauty, the moth now spent its short life dragging around a swollen body. Instead of flying freely, it now laid low with its shriveled wings.

What was meant to be a merciful act of freeing the moth turned out to be the cruelest things ever done, because the constricting threads and the struggle needed to pass through the tiny opening of the cocoon was exactly what was necessary to force fluids from its body to expand into its wings. 

What presents as a painful struggle for you today might be the very thing needed to expand you to flight tomorrow.                                                                                           

(Story adapted from here)



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