You Want to Move Mountains?

Every Mama would face a mountain of some sort, at one time or another.

Might be your mountain load of laundry, or your mountain heap of guilt and shame.

Mountains are mountains, and mountains need moving.

Years ago we sang along with Tommy, hummed along his famous line: “I’ll be Your Everything” . Somehow somewhere, deep within we hope to be somebody’s everything, solve everybody’s something — we crave to be deeply needed, desperately wanted: but Tommy died in utter hopelessness, and ended the song of his life with a thousand broken pieces of a heart.

He was crushed by the mountains of pain that threaten us the same.

Every day there are Tommy dying everywhere this slow bleeding death — dying under the crushing mountains of problems that always, always need mouths to move.

Mountains always need mouths to move.

Lyrics can shape the thought, but only the Word alters the hearts, moves the mountain.

Turns out that mountains can move when the mouths speak only of faith.

Turns out that we’re called to this habit of rising – rising to the occasion when the pressure mounts, rising to face the trial when the challenge deepens.

We can either bow down to the mountains of problems in our world, or believe in the might of the mountain-Maker in the Word.

Because this is the remedy to pain: every victory begins with taking up the weapon of the Word in our mouth.

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scenic view of mountain during daytime
Maker above mountains

It’s what we say to our mountains that determines our ascend or descend.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.10.50 pm.png

And when life’s full of these raw, rugged mountains, and how on earth do we move them out of our way…

You can whisper it soft:

I am a new creation – the past can’t touch me.”

I am absolutely redeemed – the world can’t own me.”

“I am altogether forgiven – fear can’t grab me.”

We can mouth the Word slow, let faith seeps in, lift our hands up and move our lips in worship.

Confession precedes possession – 

So it really doesn’t matter what people say about you, as long as you’re clear what God says about you.

Because the way you feel isn’t the right barometer to how things really are and the way others size us is not the same the way He sees us, and loves us.

Our confession moves every mountain when we declare to the world what the Word says despite our situation, in spite of our emotions.

The troubles of life, the pain of people, the disappointment of relationships – maybe they are mountains that teach us how to move our mouths until we remember:

He is our El Shaddai, our Provider, our Sustainer, our All-Sufficient One. 

He promises to be our weight-bearer, our ever-present shield, our everlasting arm.

The only way to rise to the mountains of heartaches and overcome the mountains of impossibilities is to lift our face to One that stands higher above the mountains.

The way to gain victory is to always to anchor yourself to One who’s victorious.

We don’t always know how to figure our way out of the mountains. We may not know how to fix things, tweak things, turn things – we can feel the imperfections of it all and still stand confessing:

that in Christ, no voices can condemn you,  no judgments can undermine you,  no previous mistakes can undo what Christ has done in you.

We can listen long enough to the problems we see in us and forget the depth of reality of who He’s made us to be:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.27.16 pm

That the mountains are stirring at the whisper of His words.

Peace is descending….

After your quiet victory, your bold confession.

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