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How To Not Fall Into The Trap of Busyness

A year can feel too fast, and yourself going too slow, but there's extraordinary beauty in waking up to just be and slowing down to just see: and to be fully attentive and deeply given to the life you have been graced with and the people you have been gifted for.


LINK —> Summary to Saner Goal Setting, The Rule of The Quick Win & Creating Habits That Actually Kick Off

2019 turns out a beautiful, bountiful year --- but having only 6 more months before we turn into another new year? --- I'd like to crush more goals and tick off more chores, please. But the clock keeps ticking, and I keep canvassing the calendar, circling the dates. How do I do more out of the time I have?

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I Forgive I Forgive —- Now Let Me Live!

Life's fragile. And who knows how long we've each got.  Or what life will throw at you next? Who'd tell you that you're meant to work one day or sleep the next, or that you're meant to bolt faster than lightning because of that one call that makes you just see how short this life really is? Time runs faster than feet, and we're wild to want this spin to stop.


When You Desire to Be Big, Liked & Followed — on Social Media, Platforms & Influence

on roads winding to highways, and platforms promising prominence, and every Facebook ad popping up on how to make it big on the Internet --- sometimes?---you just wish you'd have what it takes to make that one big break, that you'd go viral someday, be noticed by many and loved by all somehow.

We secretly want what social media promises --- other's admiration.