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Prayers that Take You Across Your Promised Land

I came across a new friend whose words and lyrical prayers took my breath away. She stood in the company of us women, and shared the blessings of the people of the Promised Land: individuals like Joshua, Rahab, Ruth and David —- ordinary people who became instrumental in posessing the Promised Land because of the great Promise-Giver they served.

Beatrice Hawkins reminded me that our God is a God of promise, and our story is one of the Promise fulfilled.

Today we have become a people of hope with a future of eternity. And the Bible tells us all about it. It records humanity’s deep depravity, utter brokenness, perpetuating pain and continuing conflicts, but also reveals the relentless love of God who directs, knows and calls us home. Transcending time and culture, the Bible speaks to us the reality of our redemption.

Today I embrace Beatrice Hawkins’  prayers as she graces us in our own journey.

By Beatrice Hawkins

Of Joshua:

I bless you with strength and courage; never forget that strength comes with courage, and courage stands with strength.  May you be relentless in seeking God and taking His lead every way you go.

Do not deviate to the left or the right, remembering that it is Him who causes the sun to stand still, who parts the waters in twos, who brings down the mighty walls so that you may always stand victorious bringing Him praise and glory in all you do.

Of Rahab:

I bless you with an astute vision to make right choices; for your frivolous and wayward past shall not dictate your future.

Of Naomi:

I bless you with new beginnings out of a series your bad losses; may God pour forth the new wine as you humbly return and trust in His calling.  Remember of His love and care especially when you fail and fall.

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Of Ruth:

I bless you with a tender tenacity strengthening yourself and your people in every adversity.  May He open up the fields of opportunity and send kindness, love, and care into your quiet longings while you simply obey.

Of Boaz:

I bless you with uprightness and an honourable character.  May you find the success that helps redeem, release and rescue those He sends your way.

Of Hannah:

I bless you with the disposition of joy as you seek the Lord.  May your longings be anchored on GOD who makes your life complete.  May you joyfully praise Him and see your cup overflowing.

Of Samuel:

I bless you with a life focused on the calling God has for you.  May you say, “Speak Lord for Your Servant is Listening” and when you have taken every word faithfully, resolutely serve Him in all He asks.

Of Saul:

I bless you with uncompromising and steadfast obedience through the good and the bad.  May your heart be soft and always pliable.  May you be about loving your neighbour as yourself, and lead those placed in your care responsibly and unto the God who loves.

Of Jonathan:

I bless you with love and faithfulness in all your relationships.  May you seek out, find and keep God-ordained friendships that will transform and prepare you to a life of adventure for those who need to know, trust and obey Him.

Of Abigail:

I bless you with a fearlessness underpinned by the virtues of wisdom and gentleness.  May the challenges of marriage, home and work not deter you from the protection of others. May you give yourself humbly to show others the better way out; their confusion, anger, and danger shall not overcome them.  Indeed, blessed are you who seek to be Peacemakers for the Lord.

Of David:

I bless you with a life of authenticity in the opportunities you have been given.  May your heart be anchored and aligned to Him and not to the voice of popular culture or the menacing threats of Goliaths, but Child, depend on God. Realize that “The Battle is the Lord’s!”, and so wait upon Him patiently, resting and knowing that He answers every prayer, He is always on time, and that He is always enough for you.

Do you have a longing or a promise you are praying to come to pass in this season of your life? Comment below Friends and we’ll pray for you in your own journey today.

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