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Encouragement for Struggling Creatives in Pursuit of Their Calling

I penned these words for you…

For you who feel the call to create, the deep stirring to soar, yet struggle with the expression of that brave, bold step. 

You are beautiful, right there in all the stretching —loved right there in all these learning.

With you — together.

There are two ways to silence the voices in our minds when it comes to honouring your creative calling.

Starve themor feed them.

What we do will either kill them, (and us), or grow them (and us). 

The voices of fear, inadequacies, and doubt will stagnate us, in the hope of slaying us. But the longing to witness other’s redemption through your regrets, to give them peace and purpose through your pain will release you. 

No matter how feeble or futile we think our efforts are, remember: voices always need attention; their shouts our addressing.  

So what do we pay attention to? 

We can choose to deny the call and avoid the Caller, or — we can step out in faith

One single step a day.

And create the still space where your best ideas flow unhindered — and you see yourself breaking your yardsticks,  burying your fears.

And you’ll hear another voice saying:

“You are never a failure when you beat your own belittling voices, when you choose to fall into arms that will never fail.”

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