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How to Start Over When You Feel Like You’ve Stopped to Sob – #FMFLinkUp

So thankful to Kate Motaung and her Five Minute Friday Link Up — the encouragement is to write for five minutes flat, unedited & unscripted on one mere prompt: “Start”. I’m slowly getting there, and so grateful for the community here 🙂

Dear You (the sometimes cynical, at times critical part of you):

It’s okay —

To sometimes feel disappointed, at times disheartened.

To question tradition, query the unspoken.

To wade your way through the unplanned craze, and decide you wanna head back Home.

To stand on all the rubble, look into the maturing you, and whisper it through and through —

God still stands.


white and pink petaled flowers
Valeriia Miller 
photo of pink and white flowers
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When the character of man confuses the nature of God God still stands.

When Christians and even the Church failsGod still stands.

When plans thwart and people tetherGod still stands.

You can start — bid all that toxicity farewell, restart — and build true faith to thrive.

And so this is what you’re gonna do:

Thank Godfor the common, the ordinary, the mundanethe biggest riches in life are free.

Trust His calling and so dismiss the lie outright — it’s never the platform, the position, the people, or the popularity poll; anointing comes from abiding, favour from belonging. So just abide, just belong.

Find your firestep into the prayer closet, let Him ignite your fire. Passion sparks potentials – keep doing what you love. Dance and sing, laugh and play, bake and birth, bleed through what you believe in — live intentional.

Face yourself and inspect your walls: how’s your WALK today? Find yourself to give yourself. Accept your bent, celebrate others’, this is how you make a dent. This is how you stand tall, and scope your world.

Focus right; because you can’t control results nor relationships, so just keep doing what’s right, that’ll make you right.

Lasting over lesser thing — this is what you have to choose. What’s lasting may not be all glamorous, but will always be glorious.

Let the season happens. Are flowers meant to bloom all year long? Your job is in the watering, your joy in their bloom.

Live your eulogy now; think 10 years ahead. Who do you want to be, what do you need to do? Live backward.

Live to impact, not to impress. Pick yourself up and pour the truth in. The Spirit directs as we cling true to His life in us. So forgo the fame, fan His flame.

And for crying out loud —

Laugh out loud at least once a day. You’ll look better when you stop those frown lines. Stop the rush, halt the hurry. You can live the rest of your life burning on, instead of midway burning out.

Live in the present. Stop comparing, cease coveting and start contentment. Only one life … so enjoy this ride, okay? Take everything in. That mounting laundry? — living bodies wear them. Endless cooking? — your culinary skill’s needed. Never enough time with the pitty patter? – this is where you’re most needed, most received.

On days when the walls seem to cave you in, and the doors aren’t letting you through and on, remember: Live carried. He’ll never drop you — cling on to that.

Praise in all your place of pain. Let your gentleness be greater than your rejection, and courage find its way into your heartbreaks. Face your mountain and move your mouth.

Today write your story. Just a little here, a little there. One day you’ll find your complete story in His story. His great ending will be yours too. So keep writing.

Believe this okay? The future will be greater than the past. He speaks and the winds were still, so let Him speak and your heart will heal.

And now go look into the mirror again.

Stare at yourself real hard.

Look into those eyes and see.

How you can transform in Him.

Transform right into the truth.

Transform weariness into newness.

And start again.

Stare back at those aggressors. Tell them this —

How you’re freed, how a new day bears a new season, a new rite, a new rhythm.

And you’re made new — all over again.

Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 CEV)


9 thoughts on “How to Start Over When You Feel Like You’ve Stopped to Sob – #FMFLinkUp

  1. My life is all but passed away,
    the chances almost gone.
    I will soon face the dying day,
    In hope for God’s new dawn.
    What’s done cannot now be reversed,
    what’s lost cannot be found;
    though this has surely been deserved,
    I’m called to higher ground.
    I cannot see the purpose here,
    but trust God that one exists,
    and like deep ocean, darkly clear,
    neither love nor grace desist.
    When I see my place-hold in His mind,
    there’s no need to mourn what lies behind.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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