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How to Listen to Your Life in The Here & Now

I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday, freewriting on the one word-prompt: “Listen”. Thank you, Friends, for joining us here.


to the sound of the waves washing over the shore. 

How they come in ripples.

Slow at first, and then the crash.

The way they pound.

The way they shimmer and sparkle.

Your eyes can catch this coruscating kaleidoscope of colour and you just know: nature is speaking and God is calling.

God is reaching out through the waves and the winds and the rocks.

Here is Love wrapping around you, Peace enveloping you.


I’m beginning to learn —  life speaks when we are silent.

There is soul- Sabbath in stillness.

And there’s a way to reach to the crux of the matter and to the core of your heart when you stand atop all those rocky mountains, against the raging winds, on your shaky feet and fearful heart — and feel:

Here’s a stunning peace — here the Rock of Ages sustaining you.

And how do you live forward? 

How do you live on through all the loving and the losing?

By listening.

Listen to the extraordinariness in your one, beautiful, ordinary life.

The singing of little voices, the humming of the tumbling dryer.

These are celebrations for the here and now.

Today is a present. A gift for your rejoicing. 

And in sacred stillness, He is assuring you, 


Listen to His heart — for you — in the here and now.

Listen to His voice speaking, in all these in-between-places called life.

Listen to the way He erases regrets and establishes hope.

Listen to the gentle way He rewrites the past and shapes your future. 

This is now our story — here is now our stake.

There are heart-songs birthed in stillness, lessons curated in listening…

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