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How to Break Busyness

“Say a quiet yes to God and He’ll be there in no time”.

James 4:8 The Message

To the Creator of time, and space, and life —

who canvasses a whole unknown universe and more,

and fills them with the billions of galaxies, with sparkling dust and swirling gas,

Thank you for bending time and space

For scattering the stars and the planets, the traveling asteroids, the flying comets,

and reaching out to us, to simply show us,

that time’s relative.

silhouette photography of people
Kendall Hoopes 


silhouette of street lamp
 Guillaume Meurice 


brown house during nighttime
Alief Baldwin 




That time is paradoxical with full possibilities…

You who understand how time lapses the way mortals don’t;

who knows that there is time that exists beyond the clock, and that there’s living beyond more than just existing,

thank you for loving us enough to come and die for us.

Because here’s the thing, 

The great demand of our time is always to give You time,

The Maker of all inviting us into a fellowship unconfined by what confines us.

You who break the bound of time to reach the heart of men, who slips the curvature of time and space to give us life and hope,

and whisper us a love song:

We are created for eternity. We are created for You…

And that we can live for the eternal without ever fearing the temporal.

That we the worker, the earner, the producer, the developer, the economist, the busy… or whoever we maybe — 

can always break the bondage of busyness and the curse of culture by living for what truly transcends, for gazing on what is truly eternal…

We can live with time and work syncing as worship. 

We can work without ever rushing or hurrying, 

earn without striving nor shoving.

We can live as sons and not mere workers,

As students before we are servants.

And we can give time back to the Creator of time, 

And live quietly trusting Him and being trusted by Him. 

We can curate holy minds to love all holy things,

and fully break busyness, and multiply moments, and master our time here —

By going a little slower, digging a little deeper …

“We need to find God, and He cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence…we need silence to be able to touch souls”

Mother Teresa

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