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7 Ways To Outlive Your Short Life

Yeah, go on and draw a timeline.

Start at the moment of your birth, mark all the in-betweens, and leave the ending with a question mark for the unpredictably predictable.

You had an awesome wedding day?


Don’t forget to jot a marker for this milestone.

Elated at the thought of your first baby birth?


The greatest reward on earth comes with much kneeling and reeling. (*Sigh and smile* ) 

Scored your first million? Your bank account, your property sale, your internet likes?


These ones are for the great hurrays, not necessarily for forever keeping.

Now, how does your lifeline look like?

And how do you feel about someone else filling in that dash after your birth year?

I know I know, we’ve all gotta face the fact that we’re temporal and terminal and all passengers in a train called time.

But this isn’t such bad news.

Because this means that we’re created for another world.

For a higher world.


Lembang onwards 2010 Jan8












The transient residence we currently own can’t contain us

The mansion we spent our whole life accruing for? — that won’t compare to the streets lined with gold, the place of complete happiness with no more tears, fears, pimples or pain.

This place will be the world at its best.

And God has the last world on death

and teaches us the truth about our transient lives.

This is where it gets me — a turning point that gets me up and going, awake and thinking:

There’s only so much time.

Only so much breath before your eyelids close and you bid this world farewell.

Life is shortand every day we get to live is the only day we get to have.

You can achieve all your goals yet miss the true measure of life.

What about you?

What gets you up and going in the morning?

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.11.29 pm

Find yourself to give yourself.  It’s your duty to find yourself, to stand on the shoulders of the giants. So find your bent, seek His Fire, mix your passion with your potential, and live truly given, this is how you make your dent.

Free others to free yourself. Forgiveness isn’t a two-way street. Let it start with you. You’re never a victim in Christ, so see the victor in you. Free others off the hook — no strings attached. This is how youfree yourself from disappointment and realign yourself to God’s re-appointment.

Find beauty in brokenness. Let your history be re-written. Your story of loss is complete in His story of love. Your story of fear takes wings on His story of faith. Your failure?, they too finding perfect comfort in His victory. Brokenness births birthright, so let His fire sparks worship in you. 

Find wisdom by the minutes. Then live wisdom in every minutia. Every great ending starts with every humble beginning, so don’t disdain the small. Choose lasting over lesser thing — it’s always these two: do you want what’s glamorous or what’s glorious?

Focus right; because when you keep doing what’s right, that’ll make you right. Live to impact, not to impress. Forgo the fame and fan His flame.

For your own sake, find joy in your everyday. Do something that’d make your own heart skip a beat today! Feel old and saggy? Hit the gym. Feel dull and drabby? Crack a joke. Feel stale and stalling? Start something new, or do something old differently! Dance and sing, laugh and play, bake and birth, bleed through what you believe in — live intentional.


Trust His calling  and so dismiss the lie outright — it’s never the platform, the position, the people, or the popularity poll; anointing comes from abiding, favour from belongingSo just abide, just belong. Let the season happens. Are flowers meant to bloom all year long? Your job is in the watering, your joy in their bloom — so trust the process.

And live your eulogy now; think 10 years ahead. Who do you want to be, what do you need to do? Then live backward…

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