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Tuesday Little Lift: Don’t Give Up!

Happy happy Tuesday!

And no matter what side of the bed you wake up to, you can have a different ending by the night!

Believe it — whatever has happened to you that might have broken you or whatever is happening to you right now that is tearing at you — or no matter what is happening in our world today that’s worrying you — *God has a different story and will land us on a different ending!*

Christ redeems — and He turns every painful past into a powerful purpose!

No matter the disappointment you may have or are experiencing, or the part of your past you could never understand — God sees and hears and saves.

And so, let’s commit to it today — whatever it is you are trying to win.

Are you trying to hone in on a new craft? Or to master a challenging skill? Or are you trying to up-skill your dear self in this time of quarantine? Or perhaps is there a bad habit you want to break? Or a strained relationship you’re hoping to love on? Or a new future you wish you’d cast?

Whatever it is , commit your plan to the Lord, and commit yourself to doing just one thing:


Even though it may be small, just do it — because this is how we are going to take that mountain down one single chomp a time.

Little by little, day by day, one step at a time, and building your life precept upon precept and we will see our lives transforming and a new future morphing!

This act of the daily practice and of thousands upon thousands of repeated learning and falling will get us standing upon our rock one day, saying:

Those valleys? They don’t look as deep nor dark.

These victories? They are more easily won, less painfully achieved, more quickly gained — they are mine! 

And that’s all that’s required of us today:

*Just take one day at a time

*Just one foot forward at a time

*Just learn one little lesson at a time

And His grace will help us hang on, because there is a secret victory for those committed to the art of the everyday — even and especially when no eye is seeing.

“…in the monotonous assignments of daily living, God can take something that seems routine and dull and use it as a platform on which to do his significant work.”

Chuck Swindoll

(Is there anything we can pray for you about this Tuesday? Something you’re hoping to gain a new skill in, or a challenge you’re looking in the eye to conquer? We’re right behind you Friend, cheering you on…)

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