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How to Find Who You Truly Are In A Lost World

You aren’t made out of some random collision of matter and energy.

You aren’t a mere clump of what they call an accidental, incidental reaction in a universe undirected —-


You truly are one of a kind. 

A true masterpiece — one fully loved, wholly known, dearly owned.

When it comes to your creation, the Creator went from: “Let there be” to “Let us make!”

When He looks at you, He sees a triune of love, the affinity of His deepest affection, the joy of His highest elation.

Do you know? 

The love that founded the firmaments has now found you.

The voice that spoke and whirled the galaxies into their place now claims you. 

He who scatters the stars to burn the dark of heavens calls you…

And right there as He births the cosmos, He whispers who you are —- who you truly are.

Right before you ever do anything, or become anyoneyou were already found in Him, made for Him. 

The greatest Love slips into the curvature of time and space to give you life so you can always have hope.

And right now and here, no matter what the world throws at you, or what’s happened to you —-

You have dignity, identity and eternity.

So don’t.

Don’t go searching for another reason for living.

Don’t try finding your purpose in a person or a pursuit.

Don’t even try finding intelligence in this known universe when you can meet the Intelligent One behind many unknown universes.

Who you are isn’t about what you’ve done —— or not done.

Who you are isn’t the one people see, like, or follow, on this screen.

Who you truly are — isn’t even about the cause you’ve championed for, the freedom you’ve fought hard for, or the accolade you’ve long collected for.

Who you are isn’t about what you do, or never get to do.

Let’s get this straight — 

Who you are is never about your appearance,

Your acquisition,

Your association,

Your accumulation,

Or your achievement.

Who you deep-down, beneath-the-skin really are — is the one you were made for, the one you are changing to be, the one you heart-on-your sleeve worship.

So ditch the lie.

Throw away the line that says you’ve gotta be successful —

Because there is One who gave up His own success to save you into true significance.

Hook, line and sinker — forget what the world says you must be.

Or what life must be.

Or what people ought to be.

Know this and live unhindered, love unhardened, laugh unafraid — because you are simply loved, and your life strongly matter.

Then go.

Go make art with your life because this is how you make your mark in this life.

Your best art would not be the one you’re striving to produce.

Your best art is the one splotched with God’s divine love.

His love is colouring your world — and now you are colouring the world’s.

I love Tim Keller’s wonderful teaching on identity —

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