If Tables Could Talk — Cultivating the Gift of Conversations

“The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation in a child’s home”

William Temple

If tables could talk — let them whisper of love carrying the worn-out, calming the concerned, soothing the fearful, encouraging the faint-hearted.

Here around our table — it’s our very heartbeat of living — sustaining faith, promoting courage, re-invigorating dreams.

All those chats and discussions around our kitchen islandwe’re so wildly praying that they speak of the love of a Saviour made real.

Because this is what we learn: cultivating the gift of meal-time conversations creates life-time relational intimacy — and makes any home a healing community, a safe haven, a sanctuary.

“….the home is not what defines the table’ the table is what defines the home.”

Leonard Sweet (From Table to Table)

Published by Liz.W

A girl trying to see all things BIG in every thing small, mother of 3, wife to the kindest husband, and a learner-lover of the God who loved me enough that He lived to give.

2 thoughts on “If Tables Could Talk — Cultivating the Gift of Conversations

  1. I love the conversations our family shares while eating meals at the table. A wonderful time for focusing on each other and God. 🙂 Our grandson Rowan, who is 3 years old, has a favorite spot at our dining room table. He also has a favorite placemat. 🙂


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