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Why Your Life is Art & Why Your Creativity Matters

In a world where words are cheap and success is defined by the commodities we consume and the labels we wear, we are a culture seeking fame, idolising efficiency and worshipping productivity.

Because everywhere we go we’re told, this message now blazoned across our feeds and on our billboards:

“Go for the bottom line” 

But is the bottom line really the essence of the truly great life? Is productivity the be-all and end-all of our true existence?

We once walked through a whimsical land not far from our home where the trees curve into bells and frame the many pictures of our family. 

Going for a little walk from the news daily buffeting us, the beauty of the open space transported us from chaos into calm.

This Secret Garden as it’s rightly called, is tucked right in the midst of our urban suburbs. Here’s a magical jungle hosting a vast array of flora and fauna and sprawling Morning Glory vines. This once swampland now exudes a kind of Alice in Wonderland fairy vibe that makes both adult and child squeal in delight.

“Hey, look!” I pointed to the towering trunks looming over us like some friendly giants about to embrace us. 

I was enrapt, this garden was a stunning work of art!

We started trekking along its many narrow paths, crossing bridges, hopping over muddy banks and hiding in cave-like spots beneath gigantic, decade-old trees.

“This place is totally unbelievable!” the Husband exclaimed. “How could we have not known it earlier?” 

There was no doubting it. The swath of green can almost swallow you, the limbs of trees will no joke dwarf you, but the sculpture of trees resembling prehistoric figures was what enthralled us. 

Somebody had taken the time to landscape them artfully.

And I kept thinking —

Perhaps this garden would have remained hidden if no one had opened it up for public enjoyment. And perhaps our lives would remain insular if our gifts aren’t simply offered to a world longing for love and hope. 

Because in all our mad dashes towards creating earthly success, we may lose our way towards eternal significance. In all our desire towards achieving productive living, we may forget living out our creative calling.

When it comes to creativity — what may not always pad the bank account — may be what enriches the heart. And when we intentionally make space to daily flex our creative muscle — this truly enlarges our soul.

Because real living may not just be about the outcome.

Maybe who we become in the process of our creative act-is what holds the power to change us.

Perhaps to a world longing for the beauty that only a creative expression can bring — our meagre gift and unremarkable story might offer the tender touch that brings God‘s hope and love for another’s journey.

And right here in the midst of a messy world and a mere 45 days before the end of our most unprecedented year ever — what do we risk losing by offering the little that we have to make this world a better place?

What if we stop over-thinking it, and just start living it?

What if with the turning of every dawn we turn towards what God has done and make our life all about that.

Who He’s made us to be — no matter how quirky —- is a masterpiece.

When His light shines through us — the whole world tilts happy with our story.

Because the best art? — is God painting splotches of His love on you — so you can always let your light so shine before man no matter how small or flickering that light may be.

So maybe this is true: Go make art with your life because this is how you make a mark with your life.

“Go make art with your life because this is how you make your mark in this life.”

Because the art of fully living — is to simply live your natural, daily, infinitesimal moments of life like an offering.

Like a potpourri ready for the pouring.

And in not belittling your little gift and ignoring your deep calling is what will set you ablaze.

Who knows if our life is just about that one single deployment — and that everyday is a chance to grow our soul, so we can grow our art of living, and our heart for giving.

Because maybe, just for today, we can all stop our struggling — and simply accept our calling.

The time we spend perfecting our craft may be the very way He’s working the Kingdom into us so it can be worked out from within us.

Because all regrets, of not having achieved — is a slow death by self.

It keeps our heart stale and our dream stagnant.

But stewarding away our life and showing up with our small gift and dreaming up our legacy of faith through any creative act — this leaves no room for regrets.

Because somewhere in the midst of the garden, we came across a tree with random shoes hanging off its trunks like there’s an inscription written invisibly somewhere:

“SMILE! 🙂 This is for you!”

And really, at the end of it all, we’ll see that there is nothing random about our life.

Every little creative effort we do uncovers our truest self, transforms our thoughts, and places us on the paths of who He’s made us to be.

Happy creating!

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