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The Source of True Fix When Life Fails Us

“Do you want to be healed?”

(John5:6 ESV)

Have you ever had days when you feel like you’ve taken three steps forward only to find out that you are now two behind?

Or moments when you feel like it’s hard to get past a certain past, or to be made whole and healed again?

“Stuck” may feel like the word of the day —- yet, that’s not the place we’re meant to stay.

In John 5 we see Jesus on his way to Jerusalem where the worship in the house of the Lord was to take place. Passing through the Sheep Gate, he came to a pool, in Aramaic called Bethesda. Itmeans a house of mercy, a public hospital.

A great number of disabled people used to lie there, waiting for the appearance of an angel who would come and stir the water. Apparently whoever steps in first would be healed.

There was a man who had been waiting there for 38 years.

He had decades of being stuck in his paralysis, of waiting in hope for a miracle to occur.

Friends, have you ever felt like that before?

When you feel like the night is too dark, the pain runs too deep, and the prognosis is too petrifying — and you feel stuck…. you’re desperate for some rescue, but you can’t help but wonder if anybody would ever come — or if anyone even cares.

When our world feels scary, when the pandemic seems to persist, when our nation gets shaken, we long for everything to just get fixed, yet Jesus went up to him and asked: “Do you want to be well?” (John 5:6)

To one desperate for healing, the question seemed counter-intuitive; obviously jarring, inwardly jolting.  

Perhaps Jesus knew that the man’s real issue wasn’t merely his physical paralysis, but also his internal physiology.

That after a long time where change seems far coming, that we too can give Jesus reasons for our justified helplessness.

That perhaps we too have come to accept that this is our lot in life, and there is nothing we can do about it — or that there is nothing He would do about it?

That perhaps, God doesn’t care, or that He isn’t able.

To the paralysed man, it was no longer just his limbs he couldn’t move, but his faith he wouldn’t forge.

Sometimes Friends, when we are daily bombarded with the same downright depressing news, and surrounded by friends who think exactly like we do, we can forget to look to the right source for help, for a world beyond our own little world.

And when all we do is to think, talk and tinker about our deficits, we start looking at our handicaps as part of our identity and we forget that there is a source of rescue, a place to hang our hope.

Jesus confronted the man’s psychology that day as much as his physiology of paralysis.

That for him to receive his healing, he must desire and believe in it. 

He must cling on to the Son of Man more than to the traditions of man.

Today, He’s still asking us the same question: “Do you want to be healed?”

Jesus’ reply: “Rise up, take up your mat and walk” (John 5:8) cured the man and reveals that miracles are still ours for the taking if we would look to our Healer for hope and help in times of trouble.

Today Friends, is our chance to become unstuck of our stuck.

He truly is our only fix – Hope arising to change our deep within.

Thank you Five Minute Friday community for the encouragement for today’s link.

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