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3 Steps to Reject Your Rejections & Rebound Right Into the Game of Life —When You Feel You’re Kinda Lost or Have Kinda Lost It

“This is absurd…” He says it weakly. Almost like a whisper, almost all to himself. He sighs, and shrugs, then shakes his head. ”How can someone with my kinda past, and my sorta losses…?” he stops his sentence midway, looking down. I nodded. I know his question — how can someone who’s mucked it bad… Continue reading 3 Steps to Reject Your Rejections & Rebound Right Into the Game of Life —When You Feel You’re Kinda Lost or Have Kinda Lost It

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Letter to a 13-something-year-old from a 30-something-year-old on how to live through the loss of our parents

Life will continue and your losses will not dominate, you will adjust and you’ll be stronger, you’ll bounce back in life, and you’ll know that there is life beyond death and resurrection happens.

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To The Impatient Soul: 3 Ways to Successfully Wait

The art of waiting — isn’t it about allowing the waiting to make you, letting the tango of tension to mould you, and sorting your heart so solitude can find you?

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I Forgive I Forgive —- Now Let Me Live!

Life’s fragile.

And who knows how long we’ve each got. 

Or what life will throw at you next?

Who’d tell you that you’re meant to work one day or sleep the next, or that you’re meant to bolt faster than lightning because of that one call that makes you just see how short this life really is?

Time runs faster than feet, and we’re wild to want this spin to stop.


When You Desire to Be Big, Liked & Followed — on Social Media, Platforms & Influence

on roads winding to highways, and platforms promising prominence, and every Facebook ad popping up on how to make it big on the Internet — sometimes?—you just wish you’d have what it takes to make that one big break, that you’d go viral someday, be noticed by many and loved by all somehow.

We secretly want what social media promises — other’s admiration. 

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Here’s the Well & How You Can Be Truly Well

Somewhere at the back of the desert, in a place dry and barren, where you think heaven’s brazen and the dusty air of death’s howling, there’s a well, and you’ll be well. He comes like a cooling rain in summer’s scorch and uses every minute of your hard to work for your good, and His glory.