Savour Life with Me…

Hi! Welcome in, Friend!  So pleased to meet you!

Just come on in, don’t worry about having it all together, I like you just the way you are!

Excuse the mess you find here, everything’s sorta imperfect and unfinished at the moment, but hey, do come in any way.

Care to drink deep with me? Because here there’s a river that never runs dry, there’s knowledge rare and beautiful, and there’s real beauty that satisfies the deep within.

I’m just like you, really – spread out and juggling all the various demands of life, being torn with the desire to do and to be, but truly hungering for the more.

Like you, I long for what brings real peace and a definite direction, so I’m really praying, that as we invite you over to our home, with the mess and craze of it all, that it’s God’s love that might touch you where you simply are.

I’m hoping that He might transform our snippets of time together into a sanctuary —– and bring His heavenly peace over our pain and transform our mess into a precious space, where you can breathe and grow and be.

So thank you, Friend, for savouring this beautiful life with me. 

I’m a mum of three, and a wife to a very good-hearted, gracious and capable man. Since young I’ve always dreamt of living a profoundly impacting life, but honestly, there are days when I struggle to lead myself, let alone my home today.

But it’s okay, since God is able to reposition us for His call.

He is the One from whom all breakthroughs come. He does the inner reorganisation, He completes our outward transformation. 

So you and I can breathe easy, and relax…

I bore three babies, left my job and business, buried all the idealism of youth under the maturing call of diaper changing, nursing babies and training toddlers, and pacing the small life slow, pacifying my frantic self calm.

I desperately searched for the silver lining that would clarify the notion of calling and career, struggled to understand the big picture while time keeps ticking away and opportunities fly in and fleet out, and one day—against the backdrop of a day that rained and thundered, I saw and comprehended, the meaning of twilight hope: how God brings the gift of His presence and transforms what may seem like a gloomy drabanything menial, minute and mundane in our life, into meaning, purpose and direction, when we embrace His call and care, and allow Him to make meaning of the small and insignificant events of our life.

So I remember this: though life may not always be glamorous, it can always be deeply  glorious.

And I want to be that twilight mama – finding my hope and anchor in God alone, seeking to savour the rest of my life understanding His love for me, my warts and all.

Today I can say that I am profoundly thankful for the season of life where everything seems to be on hold – where dreams, desire, drive are put away in the back burner and life seems to come crawling in slow. My little days, turn out to be my biggest days, and what may not seem that glamorous day after day, is working its way into the deep glory of my soul-  the knowledge of how great God truly is.

God is able to clarify our call and reposition us for life. And the Spirit’s anointing and His comfort, that’s all that matter.

When the night rolls in and everyone’s in bed, I sit and worship, I commune and listen – I allow His presence to wash over my soul. And He organizes my inner man,  He translates His peace into order and direction for my day.

So these words are mere sketches of my journey, and  a chronicle of how I’m learning to obey Him, and how in the process, I discover joy and find my overflow, even when life is still messy and imperfect.

What’s over at our Home?

Here you’d find me posting on matters close to my heart, but, really, these are just some organisational tools I have gathered  and are continuously gathering for my own life, and my own survival.

Here at this home, you’d meet my entire family: my Husband talking to the men on Guys and Fathers issues, sharing his songs and jokes, bringing his wisdom and clear thinking about matters practical and spiritual. Our children  would also like to say ‘hi’ and share their growth journey with you…and lastly, this Home is meant to be for our community: where friends and marketplace partners can bring all their collective stories of finding the love, grace and wisdom of God in the ruins and glory of the everyday life.

So, thank you for coming along…. it’s an honour and a privilege, to journey and savour life with you and your families… and we’re so grateful for this gift.

Thank you for visiting


3 thoughts on “Savour Life with Me…

  1. I had no idea you did this! But I’m reading and you are inspiring me and lifting me up in my time of struggle. Thank you and God Bless you all! Xxx


    1. Oh Shelly! Thank you for your kind comment and beautiful, raw honesty. We are in this together and I’m praying for you my dear friend, that you’ll know you’re not alone. Sending lots of love


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