Organising My Time

Friend, my husband and I often commented about how we didn’t know what ‘busy’ was –  until we had children! It’s funny to talk about organising your time when it is really just time that separate the words on our hearts with the print you will see on this page, soon to come! 

Life with children can be tough…not to mention all the hours that need to go into the upkeeping of a home…and the making of a soul, and the training of the virtues of the home occupants…but really, there’s a way to make sense of life when it seems to keep going, and to let it flow like the melodic rhythm of a song…

Maybe pop in some thoughts of your own tried and tested method in your own home? What works and what doesn’t? We’re here at, and for your gracious patience and kind visit, I just want to say a big *thank you*