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How to Best Think of Time

The turn of this new year? — I’ve stopped counting. Stopped counting how long it's been. Stopped ruminating how different the world's been — or how crazy the headlines have been. Plane falls, economy implodes, new strain develops, election went south, and our borders? — they have closed once again. It seems too easy to… Continue reading How to Best Think of Time

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A Prayer for A Daughter

Father, You who breathed Your breath into this baby girl, I pray now for Your hand to hold her, Your smile to continually shine on her. You who brought her out of my dark womb and lurched her into the dark of night, I pray now for Your love to spread over her, Your light… Continue reading A Prayer for A Daughter

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When You Can’t See the End of A Season But You Wanna Be Strong for This Season — [How to Live Certain in Uncertainty] – Peace Part 1

Owning your life isn't about clenching your fist, gritting your teeth, or controlling every outcome