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How to Cope With The Grief of the Pandemic

The question isn’t who is exempt from this grief; not when you realize that things aren’t the way they are supposed to be and that “normal” won’t resume at the time you wish it returns, the question is “how are we going to get through this?”

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A Vaccine For Our Soul : How To Combat Corona Panic with Christ's Peace

That perhaps, this is what life comes down to --- not in the money we amass, or the people we impress, or that we've never messed up and we'll always be liked --- but that we come to the reality that we have been born for such a time as this.

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Trusting God as The Author of Your Love Story

A friend messaged me one night, one prime question burning hot into her night: “how do I know?” I know what she meant. She wanted to know if he really was Mr Right for her. "Were we meant to be together?"--- she seemed to be asking. She was pressing in to know if there was… Continue reading Trusting God as The Author of Your Love Story

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How to Start A Small Revolution At Home

What do we do with the time in our hands and the children in our home?

This is the revolution I’m desperate to see.

The quiet ripple of revival, all starting with us.