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How You Can Be Soft Against The Harsh & Release Courage In Your Pain Through Your Praise

I should memorise this by now: whenever we complain, we break the flow of praise, whenever we argue, we doubt the Hand that makes all the scrambled edges full.

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Contentment: One Key Quality for Your Success Today

This whole thing about being the best, is at best relative...Our purpose must be found in God and found in our assignment today

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How to Rise to Every Occasion & Face Whatever Mountain May Come Your Way

We can listen long enough to the problems we see in us and forget the depth of reality of who He's made us to be.

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How to Navigate through the Rapids of Young Motherhood & Come Out Loving It

That the only way to thrive and not just survive with any season in life is to learn to flow and not wrangle, to rise and refuse to strive, to praise and not stress, to pray rather than pontificate.

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how you can fly today with perfect ease

And this is true about broken hearts: it's not what happens to you that shatters you the most as it is what you perceive has happened to you that will shape you the most.

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how a guy can be truly contented with whatever car he drives – the battle between BMW vs Honda

"Godliness" that has no contentment will be a legalistic pursuit of holiness that leaves the pursuer hungry and dissatisfied...

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how you’re simply loved for who you are & how there’s no stereotyping around that

...seriously, you're simply loved just the way you are -- & there's no need to prove your worth, & you can simply be your very best and shine in your own wonderful way

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how the everyday & your attitude about the everyday matters

Dear Son, I know, I know - I'm sounding like a noisy gong to you. I know - how it might have felt like your Dad and I, we're just pulling teeth out of you. Trying to get you to warm up to those scales, getting you to practice those same old songs, hoping your love would lap… Continue reading how the everyday & your attitude about the everyday matters

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how to reach the heart of your child & win him over: character training on the impossible days

I should have seen it coming... The way he darted around the shop bored. Him hovering over his sister, "Swiper", waiting to snatch the balloon off her hand. That quick slap on her chubby thigh? --- things that only a big brother can do. I should have known him better. Intimately  knowing his strengths, and what makes him laugh and love… Continue reading how to reach the heart of your child & win him over: character training on the impossible days