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Advent: A Journey Into Hope [Part 1]

So what are we hoping for this Christmas?

What are we longing for beyond the craze of commercialized Christmas, and looking forward to, before the year turns its other corner?

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How His Rain is Remaking Us & How We Can Sing This Sizzling Summer Our Happy Song

You can always count on God to water arid hearts and to rend impossible heavens opened. So we can foretaste the sweet out of His bounty for all our bitter.

Because His rain isn't merely sentimental, but supernatural, His comfort supersedes every sorrow and every tear we've shed.

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when your heart’s longing for a bit more Christmas

Though the clock's just ticked 52 minutes past Christmas -- Christmas isn't yet over for those lingering for just a bit more... Christmas --- that's His gift to us. Here we breath our relief, here we find our grace, here we find His heart beating with kindness, longing with love just for us, just to us. If you find yourself hurting… Continue reading when your heart’s longing for a bit more Christmas

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how to teach kids the real meaning of Christmas

I tell them - Christmas isn't all about the gifts...  I know, how they they catch the eye. It comes the same every year. Christmas --- and the anticipation of gifts: the giving, and the getting. Us all - young and old...all desiring for what glamorous Christmas promises. But apparently when the Saviour was born, there were… Continue reading how to teach kids the real meaning of Christmas

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What the Kid’s Really Sayin’

I'd never forget it, that Christmas a couple of years back, when instead of leaping out of bed in excitement for the Christmas concert she'd been practising for months, she was too sore to eat or drink let alone talk, due to the hand foot and mouth disease that left eleven nasty ulcers in her… Continue reading What the Kid’s Really Sayin’

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How to Stay Still When Your Sanity’s About to Burst

The kids started their morning with a squabble. One bickered and another curtly responded. Frustration...probably not the best way to start the day. I had decided to keep them at home that day. They complained of a little ill, and my mama heart was weary and in need of some respite. As if we could buy… Continue reading How to Stay Still When Your Sanity’s About to Burst

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Christmas Character Cards

This post is to credit Ang for her great work in putting together an awesome set of character cards to use along her Blessing Buddies idea this Christmas. We have loved using these character discussion cards.They are great dinner conversation starters and a wonderful way to introduce virtues to the kids. Her free printable here helps pull our family's focus together, especially when we have… Continue reading Christmas Character Cards


Daily Christmas Craft Bags

Christmas is finally here and with that we have finished our last daily round of Christmas crafts. Every day in December the children receive an Advent numbered bag with an instruction and materials found within. Some of the crafts have been taken from Pinterest while others have been bought from our local Red Dot store. The… Continue reading Daily Christmas Craft Bags