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A Word to The Weary Mama: *Just Come*

To every Mama battling busy, feeling behind --- You who fight fatigue, struggle over fear, and worry about the future - We know -- mothering can strip the strongest woman thin -- and this really is a tough gig. No doubt, it brings lots of joy. But there's no mistaking it -- lots of heartaches… Continue reading A Word to The Weary Mama: *Just Come*

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How to Cope With The Grief of the Pandemic

The question isn’t who is exempt from this grief; not when you realize that things aren’t the way they are supposed to be and that “normal” won’t resume at the time you wish it returns, the question is “how are we going to get through this?”

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How to Start A Small Revolution At Home

What do we do with the time in our hands and the children in our home?

This is the revolution I’m desperate to see.

The quiet ripple of revival, all starting with us.

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One Important Issue About Children & School & Raising Them Right

Post by the Husband How qualified are you as a parent? I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers here, but plumbers do apprenticeships for 3 years, Vets do 4-year undergrad courses and then some post-grad training, and even the childcare worker who looks after your toddler does 6 months Certificate III at TAFE to qualify… Continue reading One Important Issue About Children & School & Raising Them Right

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Goodbye Forever Red-Faced Mama & How to Calm Your Angry Self

And there's no shame in feeling the feeling, or owning the emotion, but here's the chance to be truly great:

To trust God to straighten things up that look and feel crooked.

To let grace be the antidote so anger, ageing and anxiety don't have to be.

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Dealing With The Unknowns of Life — What Hope For Confidence?

I don’t pretend to get it: how our world is just a tiny weeny dot in the Milky Way, or how it's just one of the 10 trillion planetary systems of the known universe and more, or that it's a mere millionth fraction of the mass of the Sun.

And we may not understand it too, how there is a good Father who controls and stays in charge of everything, whether they're jeopardy or jubilee in our life.