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To The Impatient Soul: 3 Ways to Successfully Wait

The art of waiting --- isn't it about allowing the waiting to make you, letting the tango of tension to mould you, and sorting your heart so solitude can find you?

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How To Not Fall Into The Trap of Busyness

A year can feel too fast, and yourself going too slow, but there's extraordinary beauty in waking up to just be and slowing down to just see: and to be fully attentive and deeply given to the life you have been graced with and the people you have been gifted for.

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How to Survive The Season of Transitions

Transitions can be scary.

You know that this is a story you must one day share, but right now --- you're struggling to live through.

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How To Have the Closure You Desperately Want & Need But Not Sure How To Have

Disappointment can lead you back Home, not astray.