Here’s the Well & How You Can Be Truly Well

Somewhere at the back of the desert, in a place dry and barren, where you think heaven’s brazen and the dusty air of death’s howling, there’s a well, and you’ll be well. He comes like a cooling rain in summer’s scorch and uses every minute of your hard to work for your good, and His glory.

how to get over your memory torment

And when you choose to remember your regrets instead of your redemption, you can live believing you’re wounded and broken when you’re actually whole and redeemed, and born to be bigger than any of your bruises.

on relationships and forgiveness

And when you’ve convinced yourselves that it’s really time to walk away is when you really walk away from the grace that’s able to reconcile two broken halves together.

When you decide to carry hurts unexplainable is when you compromise the gift of His love so unsurmountable to break impossible barriers, and remake deeply broken lives.

When You Hurt, But See No Way Out of Your Pain

Breaking up is always painful.

And you may feel like no one sees you – or understand the depth of the agony you’re going through.

But He does. And His compassion on you will walk you through your hard.

How Jesus Walks

He comes into our world, not to be amongst the carousel of party goers, but to soothe the cries of the endless waves of tearful groans and painful moans.