“Dear Son” – A Letter To The Future Man In You

Dear Son, Today we celebrated Father’s Day. We had lots of fun and lots of laugh, but not everyone has that. Father’s Day is a spectrum of feelings to many different people. It’s sobering to those who’ve grown up without a dad, and sorrowful to others who’ve been hurt by their dads. And your dad is…

How To Nail “Zero Gravity Thinking” – Getting Unstuck Out of Your Stuck

There are days when you feel like you’ve just taken three steps forward, only to find that you are now two behind…

Days that feel like it’s hard to get past your past, and unstuck your stuck, because Bethesda’s ingrained in you — that there are systems and cultures and people that have formed your inwards, and governed your internals and dictated your believing and behaving.  
But listening to Paul talked is like allowing yourself to be stripped back to the core of grace, and reduced to who you can simply be in Christ.

When You Feel Like You’ve Just Lost Your Greatest Connection

That if our well-being solely depends on the favour of our human connections, that if our getting ahead in life comes from getting in front of people, then, we’re doomed, and we’ve lost, and we’ll keep losing, because sometimes relationships severed are relationships saved.

That we can sometime lose our earthly fathers to find our heavenly Father, we can sometimes skip earthly favours to be kissed by divine goodness. 

A Letter To The Losses of Life

When life’s made up of your blend, of love and loss, of gathering and giving, of creating and destroying, we know that it’s only through experiencing you that we experience the potential for change, our opportunity for growth.

What Masters the Dark

It’s the first of July, and in the midst of a winter chill, and I saw. How candles can flicker on right through the night, and hope can be served right there when the heart is healed right here, and that the way to see the light of day is to walk through the length…

Here’s the Well & How You Can Be Truly Well

Somewhere at the back of the desert, in a place dry and barren, where you think heaven’s brazen and the dusty air of death’s howling, there’s a well, and you’ll be well. He comes like a cooling rain in summer’s scorch and uses every minute of your hard to work for your good, and His glory.

How Resurrection Morning Raises You

This story inked into the pages of our history, about the one Man who dripped with blood and hung naked on the wooden beam of an old rugged cross.

About his halting breaths that make for our one full breath, of his haunting claim that leaves us forever claimed — this story that proves the dead can rise to life. 

how to get over your memory torment

And when you choose to remember your regrets instead of your redemption, you can live believing you’re wounded and broken when you’re actually whole and redeemed, and born to be bigger than any of your bruises.