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The Source of True Fix When Life Fails Us

When you feel like the night is too dark, the pain runs too deep, and the prognosis is too petrifying — and you feel stuck.... you’re desperate for some rescue, but you can’t help but wonder if anybody would ever come — or if anyone even cares.

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How to Best Think of Time

The turn of this new year? — I’ve stopped counting. Stopped counting how long it's been. Stopped ruminating how different the world's been — or how crazy the headlines have been. Plane falls, economy implodes, new strain develops, election went south, and our borders? — they have closed once again. It seems too easy to… Continue reading How to Best Think of Time

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Dealing With The Unknowns of Life — What Hope For Confidence?

I don’t pretend to get it: how our world is just a tiny weeny dot in the Milky Way, or how it's just one of the 10 trillion planetary systems of the known universe and more, or that it's a mere millionth fraction of the mass of the Sun.

And we may not understand it too, how there is a good Father who controls and stays in charge of everything, whether they're jeopardy or jubilee in our life.