A Letter To The Losses of Life

When life’s made up of your blend, of love and loss, of gathering and giving, of creating and destroying, we know that it’s only through experiencing you that we experience the potential for change, our opportunity for growth.

on relationships and forgiveness

And when you’ve convinced yourselves that it’s really time to walk away is when you really walk away from the grace that’s able to reconcile two broken halves together.

When you decide to carry hurts unexplainable is when you compromise the gift of His love so unsurmountable to break impossible barriers, and remake deeply broken lives.

how to link the dot between where you are & where you want to be

Originally posted on Heaven4theHome:
I snoozed the buzzing alarm, and slowly pulled myself from blanket’s thick warmth. It was one morning of a hurricane. I hurried through getting food on the table and into the lunch boxes. Rushed the children up their bed, out the door and into the car. All rushing leads to nothing, and rest always…

the surest way to make your mark in life

So these past five days have been a bit of a joy ride. But how does one capture the emotion of a lifetime?  And how could words alone, describe what’s larger than life? I fluffed the pillows, I cleaned the room. It had been 3 cycles. 3 cycles of the age I had started with when I first walked into their home,…

How to learn to love, work & live with yourself

Dear You, You’re significant. One of a kind, and very special. You’ve got a calling, and you’ve got to keep working that one out. Though it takes some time. Though it stretches you. And challenges you. Even when it looks like the world’s forgotten about you. And your friends are prospering while you are withering. I know it’s…