25 Random Pieces Of Advice For Leaders In Their 20s, 30s Or 40s

How I love this post by Carey Nieuwhof;  ...just a few excerpts of his wonderful word here.  May it stick on the wall of our hearts always: You are the common denominator in everything that’s happened in your life. Faithfulness is rare. Not just in marriage, but also in life. Culture teaches us to dispose of … Continue reading 25 Random Pieces Of Advice For Leaders In Their 20s, 30s Or 40s

The truth about success we all need to know – and how it could make all the difference in the world

..when the heat's up and the debate goes on, & Trump argues with Clinton over who can build a stronger America -- I sneaked behind the door and pulled out an old post about a man who shared with me the truth on building a kingdom that will never end... Remembering our conversation that day - and recording it quickly on our phone - and you know, it's a little embarrassing....It's nothing slick, just something off the fly - completely unabridged and unedited. But we pray that in the simplicity of it all - this truth about success would bless your heart, and you'd find yourself standing on firmer ground ...excited about having a couple who shaped my faith and impacted my life, come to share life with us for a couple few days

How to always be ready with the Word

...honestly?, these tips below are helpful to me. I used to fret having to prepare for a sermon when the days are busy, and the kids noisy, and the time's tight, and the interruptions common, and as for quietnes??, an impossibility...but what's in fact more pressing is that, after the day has worn me out, and i … Continue reading How to always be ready with the Word


How to Live the Days of Your Youth and Be Certain of an Uncertain Future

...So we ate and sat in the company of about 20 of you tonight. And what can we say? --Thank you-- It was a wonderful time, a memorable fellowship, an amazing connection...and to think that we had flown out so that we can be with you tonight?, that is amazing 🙂 And really,---you are at a very important junction of … Continue reading How to Live the Days of Your Youth and Be Certain of an Uncertain Future

Finding Divine Purpose in A Tough Week

There comes a time when we must believe that God's presence  can flourish right here in the midst one messy living...right here under the roof of one frail, imperfect family... We must arrive at the point of wholeheartedly believing that motherhood, with all its glory and grime, is exactly where He wants us to be, exactly what He has called us to do... We must allow confidence … Continue reading Finding Divine Purpose in A Tough Week