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How to Start A Small Revolution At Home

What do we do with the time in our hands and the children in our home? This is the revolution I’m desperate to see. The quiet ripple of revival, all starting with us.

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What If Chemo & Cancer Can’t Crush The Courage of Christ Within & [How One Brave Mama Won Her Battle Over Cancer One Mother’s Day]

Maybe it's precisely in the suffering and the seemingly lack of healing that a thousand answers are found, because when we face of our own suffering bravely that we showed the world every answer to every suffering.

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What Ms Are For : How to Plan Your Mondays Right & Set Your Whole Week Straight & Get the New School Term Great

...that perhaps to start a new season right is to begin with pursuing an intimacy with God not just for a period of time, but as a preoccupation of life

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Dear Husband…{how to start and sustain a ministry (& a woman) for life}

When we believe in people for who they presently are, and invest in people in who they can potentially be --- we make imprints, change lives, carve history, and sustain a ministry that outlasts natural lives.

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how to link the dot between where you are & where you want to be


I snoozed the buzzing alarm, and slowly pulled myself from blanket’s thick warmth.

It was one morning of a hurricane.

I hurried through getting food on the table and into the lunch boxes. Rushed the children up their bed, out the door and into the car.

All rushing leads to nothing, and rest always comes to the still.

I jumped right into the driver seat. “Can’t be late today”, I muttered to self, quickly glancing at myself in the mirror, sighing:  “When will i ever exit the house like I’ve got it together?”

That night at a dinner, I sat in front of a lady who animatedly told me about her exciting life. Career, children, and commitments – she said she was glad she was doing it all. I looked down the floor avoiding her eyes. The voice inside of me questioning why I can’t ever seem to get my act together like…

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how you’re simply loved for who you are & how there’s no stereotyping around that

...seriously, you're simply loved just the way you are -- & there's no need to prove your worth, & you can simply be your very best and shine in your own wonderful way

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What the Kid’s Really Sayin’

I'd never forget it, that Christmas a couple of years back, when instead of leaping out of bed in excitement for the Christmas concert she'd been practising for months, she was too sore to eat or drink let alone talk, due to the hand foot and mouth disease that left eleven nasty ulcers in her… Continue reading What the Kid’s Really Sayin’

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The Dance of Trust

So here we are --- rounding up the first full term of school, finishing up the first quarter of a brand new year, gearing up for the joyful time away ahead, and Kathy Troccoli—- she’s singing this song, beckoning me to pause and praise, inviting me to stop and drink, comforting me to trust and rest. I want… Continue reading The Dance of Trust

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Twilight Grace in Impossible Places

Dear You, Really, it's You, and Me, and Us...and the whole company of us all here,  who feel a little like we've made the biggest blunders today...and regret over the failure of not parenting right...who flounder our way through our day - emotional - and days feeling far from perfect... You - and I - and us,… Continue reading Twilight Grace in Impossible Places

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Enjoying Life Small

"Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers, but his delight is in the law of the Lord and on His law he meditates day and night..." (Psalm 1:1-2) I run my hand through the burgeoning thickness of her… Continue reading Enjoying Life Small

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How to Reclaim the Broken Within You

When they broke the news, my world broke into a thousand fragments. They flew him in a coffin, face white as brazen snow. The warm dances of his fingertips once ruffling through my hair, his gentle soothing voices calming me to sleep, stopped short,  and sudden. There wasn't time for any goodbyes and the last story's still hanging in mid air... When… Continue reading How to Reclaim the Broken Within You

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How to Make Space When Life Feels Overcrowded

The birds chirped gayly outside of my front porch, flitting and flapping and basking in the now glorious sun. Sweet moments of warmth covered the earth, dabbed the downpour and lifted my soul, and both birds and I were soon humming together... I caught myself gazing at the refraction of light on the dirt muddy soil, pools of sand whirling… Continue reading How to Make Space When Life Feels Overcrowded