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A Word to The Weary Mama: *Just Come*

To every Mama battling busy, feeling behind --- You who fight fatigue, struggle over fear, and worry about the future - We know -- mothering can strip the strongest woman thin -- and this really is a tough gig. No doubt, it brings lots of joy. But there's no mistaking it -- lots of heartaches… Continue reading A Word to The Weary Mama: *Just Come*

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How to Character-Train Your Children on The Really Impossible Days!

James Dobson said it right, "babies come into the world with no instructions, and you pretty much assemble them on your own...they are maddeningly complex and there are no guaranteed formulas. Even the most intelligent professionals are struggling with their child rearing responsibilities at home..."

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How To Not Fall Into The Trap of Busyness

A year can feel too fast, and yourself going too slow, but there's extraordinary beauty in waking up to just be and slowing down to just see: and to be fully attentive and deeply given to the life you have been graced with and the people you have been gifted for.

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What If Chemo & Cancer Can’t Crush The Courage of Christ Within & [How One Brave Mama Won Her Battle Over Cancer One Mother’s Day]

Maybe it's precisely in the suffering and the seemingly lack of healing that a thousand answers are found, because when we face of our own suffering bravely that we showed the world every answer to every suffering.

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How to Navigate through the Rapids of Young Motherhood & Come Out Loving It

That the only way to thrive and not just survive with any season in life is to learn to flow and not wrangle, to rise and refuse to strive, to praise and not stress, to pray rather than pontificate.

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how to link the dot between where you are & where you want to be


I snoozed the buzzing alarm, and slowly pulled myself from blanket’s thick warmth.

It was one morning of a hurricane.

I hurried through getting food on the table and into the lunch boxes. Rushed the children up their bed, out the door and into the car.

All rushing leads to nothing, and rest always comes to the still.

I jumped right into the driver seat. “Can’t be late today”, I muttered to self, quickly glancing at myself in the mirror, sighing:  “When will i ever exit the house like I’ve got it together?”

That night at a dinner, I sat in front of a lady who animatedly told me about her exciting life. Career, children, and commitments – she said she was glad she was doing it all. I looked down the floor avoiding her eyes. The voice inside of me questioning why I can’t ever seem to get my act together like…

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how you’re simply loved for who you are & how there’s no stereotyping around that

...seriously, you're simply loved just the way you are -- & there's no need to prove your worth, & you can simply be your very best and shine in your own wonderful way

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how the everyday & your attitude about the everyday matters

Dear Son, I know, I know - I'm sounding like a noisy gong to you. I know how it might have felt like your Dad and I? -- we're just pulling teeth out of you. Trying to get you to warm up to those scales, trying to get you practising those songs all over again, and somehow, hoping… Continue reading how the everyday & your attitude about the everyday matters

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Why we’re better & stronger together & how no woman’s an island of her own

Perhaps it's true that the best things in life come in small doses of love. And that every mama needs a girlfriend (or two), no matter the age - and it's the sprinkle of friendship that makes life wonderfully rich, and helps you to weather through any storm. Yeah, there's no illusion to it: relationships can… Continue reading Why we’re better & stronger together & how no woman’s an island of her own

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how to reach the heart of your child & win him over: character training on the impossible days

I should have seen it coming... The way he darted around the shop bored. Him hovering over his sister, "Swiper", waiting to snatch the balloon off her hand. That quick slap on her chubby thigh? --- things that only a big brother can do. I should have known him better. Intimately  knowing his strengths, and what makes him laugh and love… Continue reading how to reach the heart of your child & win him over: character training on the impossible days

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Because every mother needs to remember this…

An old post, repost - an encouragement for all my mumma friends for those days when the going gets tough...  Nothing is quite as hard and as wonderfully rewarding as motherhood is. And for the life of me, I have never expected motherhood to change me --- in my entirety. Gazing into their souls, I have looked deep… Continue reading Because every mother needs to remember this…

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How to survive motherhood when you’re homesick

I came across this post written a long long time ago, which I never got around to quite finish off...reading it again reminded me the truth about God's love to us -- His gentleness... His mercy over our failings...His patience over our slowness... and His good plan over our brokenness...and especially on days when you feel like you can… Continue reading How to survive motherhood when you’re homesick