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Making Dinner Time Matter

The dinner table is an inviting place to enhance family affection, but not always an easy discipline to maintain. There are many things vying for our attention and hoping to rob that moment of togetherness.When children enter into teenagehood and become busy with their own extra curricular work, or Mum and Dad are engaged with work, hobbies or pursuits, these… Continue reading Making Dinner Time Matter

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Teaching Money and Stewardship

We have recently flown overseas to be with friends and families over the long summer break. It was a much looked-forward to, and much talked-about holiday, and we wanted the experience to be a special and cherished one for our little ones. We wanted to ensure that they would be keeping up with some school work over the… Continue reading Teaching Money and Stewardship

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Training Goals for the Pre-toddler

Meet my cute little honey pie 🙂 She turned ONE just a couple of weeks ago and she is officially a pre-toddler now! This is an interesting season of life as she is no longer a baby but not quite a toddler. She has achieved so many developmental milestones in the past 1 year and will be… Continue reading Training Goals for the Pre-toddler