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How His Rain is Remaking Us & How We Can Sing This Sizzling Summer Our Happy Song

You can always count on God to water arid hearts and to rend impossible heavens opened. So we can foretaste the sweet out of His bounty for all our bitter.

Because His rain isn't merely sentimental, but supernatural, His comfort supersedes every sorrow and every tear we've shed.

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How to Rise to Every Occasion & Face Whatever Mountain May Come Your Way

We can listen long enough to the problems we see in us and forget the depth of reality of who He's made us to be.

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when you’re a little bit worn out with what’s happening in the world

are you feeling a little worn out too by the noise around you? come take a breather with me as we listen to the interview, and tune in to His voice

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The Way to Greater Ministry

Seeing this devotional note popped up in my inbox this morning, I know that there are certain nuggets of truth in what my husband was reflecting this morning in his little quiet moment before work...and I pray, alongside him, that you and I will see the joy of self denial, see the power that comes with… Continue reading The Way to Greater Ministry