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How to Break Busyness

He bends time and space and slows motions and teaches us --- Time is relative. Time is filled with paradoxes; marked with possibilities. Time lapses in ways mortals just don't get it,  and multiplies in seeming moments of transience. We don't understand time the way He does.

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To The Impatient Soul: 3 Ways to Successfully Wait

The art of waiting --- isn't it about allowing the waiting to make you, letting the tango of tension to mould you, and sorting your heart so solitude can find you?

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How To Not Fall Into The Trap of Busyness

A year can feel too fast, and yourself going too slow, but there's extraordinary beauty in waking up to just be and slowing down to just see: and to be fully attentive and deeply given to the life you have been graced with and the people you have been gifted for.

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Trust The Process

He takes the time to slowly concoct the person He makes to take him deep before He takes him far. To teach him laughter in the face of loss, and joy in the face of the mundane. And to awaken in him to the truly extraordinary life in what looks like -- simply and pitifully ordinary.

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How to live the rest of your life burning on instead of midway burning out

So it's been a busy year... The clock  keeps ticking, and your calendar keeps filling up. The work comes right up piling,  and these kids, they're growing taller by the day. And yeah, for every sticky relationship that requires pruning, you feel like your heart could be shredded into a million pieces. And for all the emotional messes you've committed, these too, they… Continue reading How to live the rest of your life burning on instead of midway burning out