How to Make Space for the Holy in the Midst of the Busy

Who’d have time to make life the way it’s meant to be, when we’re trained to spend every spare time and energy running life the way it needs to be?

But there’s a way to make crazy days a calm, and monotonous moments our kairos.

how you can fly today with perfect ease

And this is true about broken hearts: it’s not what happens to you that shatters you the most as it is what you perceive has happened to you that will shape you the most.

How to Have the Perfect Rest for Your Overworked Soul

Originally posted on Heaven4theHome:
So the two girls came running to me, hand in hand, and gasping for air, they asked for permission if they could ride the horses together…these two girls are cousins-born-sisters, and I’m sure they would spend every waking moments talking if they could, and they leaped happy when I nodded to…

What to tell ourselves on how to be productive this year

El Shaddai –  “the Lord mighty to pour forth sustenance and blessing” (Genesis 17:1-2). He is God all-powerful and all-sufficient, the name I want to live burning on the rest of this brand new year. Standing at the dawn of a brand new year, you may be filled with many new goals. New dreams, new…

how to teach kids the real meaning of Christmas

I tell them – Christmas isn’t all about the gifts…  I know, how they glitter….how they catch the eye. It comes the same every year. Christmas — and the anticipation of gifts: the giving, and the getting. Us all – young and old…all desiring for what glamorous Christmas promises. But apparently when the Saviour was born, there were…

the surest way to make your mark in life

So these past five days have been a bit of a joy ride. But how does one capture the emotion of a lifetime?  And how could words alone, describe what’s larger than life? I fluffed the pillows, I cleaned the room. It had been 3 cycles. 3 cycles of the age I had started with when I first walked into their home,…

The truth about success we all need to know – and how it could make all the difference in the world

..when the heat’s up and the debate goes on, & Trump argues with Clinton over who can build a stronger America — I sneaked behind the door and pulled out an old post about a man who shared with me the truth on building a kingdom that will never end…
Remembering our conversation that day – and recording it quickly on our phone – and you know, it’s a little embarrassing….It’s nothing slick, just something off the fly – completely unabridged and unedited. But we pray that in the simplicity of it all – this truth about success would bless your heart, and you’d find yourself standing on firmer ground

…excited about having a couple who shaped my faith and impacted my life, come to share life with us for a couple few days