When it comes to inviting heaven over our marriages and allowing God’s grace to work on our marital messes, I have learnt that building a strong and vibrant marriage is truly a work of art by the Holy Spirit, and a collaboration of the man and the woman willing to submit.

Because the truth is that, love isn’t easy, and real marriages take work.

I’m glad that I married my best friend – but we didn’t start out as friends, we grew into friends.


Between him and I, we were gulfs apart, convinced that it was God who brought us together, yet struggling to blend and flow as one.

We were similar in many ways, yet extremely apart in many others, and becoming one was unthinkable.

We polarised each other and brought into the marriage a mix of childhood issues, unspoken expectations, selfish nature, and fear.

How can two imperfect individuals love each other, live together, and keep working through impossible weaknesses, great differences and deep disagreements that tend to tear rather than heal?

It was when I married him that i faced the monstrous sinner in me.

But it was also through a marriage to him that God healed the deepest places of my heart.


I am slowly learning that my marriage is my ministry, and that loving my husband is more important than being a great mum, a wonderful parent, a great home maker, a likeable pastor or a successful business woman.

And making your marriage your ministry spell  the reorganisation of your ways, values and beliefs, adopting and adapting to what the Word says rather than what the world tells you to believe in, and this is the way heaven can break over and spill into our marriages. 

As I learn to love God by loving my husband and making him first, God answers my desire by turning my husband’s heart completely to mine and he so wonderfully leads encourages, believes and empowers me.


So we thank you God, for Your grace for our marriages. They truly are Your second greatest gift on earth – so help us to build them well and create them strong.